Thank You Letter (P3) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Thank You Letter (P3) as performed by PartyNextDoor

Lyrics to song Thank You Letter (P3) by PartyNextDoor

To my fans

It's still hard to believe that you want to hear the kid from Missisauga sing his stories.
I'm really just a young man that makes music and makes songs about my life.
I never want to be limited and I simply want to be seen as a creative.
From here on, I will try to do better at interacting with my fans and I'm excited to finally give you more music.
On that note, I'm proud to share P3 with the world... lol and perform for all of you once again.
We created this site to share exclusively curated content and give you all a voice and a place to share it.
Thank you for listening & thank you for being here

Sincerely, PX


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