Aim High Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Aim High as performed by Paul Weller

Lyrics to song Aim High by Paul Weller

Aim high, hum along, lady
Too shy, bite my tongue and maybe
Unfair if you ever leave me
Need you like water needs a flower

Deep ravines within ourselves
Drunken nights up on the shelf
God, strike me down if I don't come through
You're my baby and I need you

Aim high - come along, lady
I'm your sky and you are my night time
Forever, will you won't you stay with me
Never leave you, don't you leave me too

Darkness has no place
I feel I'm in with a chance
To make this world dip and spin
Convince us we will win, we will win, we will win

Come fly - hum along lady
It feels far but life is just in hours
Let's aim high and save ourselves forever
Hung dry like a spider after showers


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