Around The Lake Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Around The Lake as performed by Paul Weller

Lyrics to song Around The Lake by Paul Weller

There's a vacuum
In the back room
Of a ballroom after dark

There's a triumph
In the buy out
Of a sell out in the park

It's only in the gaps we find
A solace in the quiet
That leads us to we know not where
It all goes on around the lake

Some insurance
After paying
Sometimes rush
Who knows? Not us

It's only in the weeds that bind
Some barbed wire in your diet
That leads us where we don't belong
If alt grows dark around the lake
Jt all goes on around the lake

Some disturbance
In the hedges
On the ledges
Very tall

Some commotion
Like a ripple
On the water
from a pebble thrown


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