Cosmic Fringes Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Cosmic Fringes as performed by Paul Weller

Lyrics to song Cosmic Fringes by Paul Weller

I've come undone
It's too late to fix it
I just exist... on my own
On my own

I'm a real gone kid
I can't believe my luck
When I see him in the mirror

I'm not societies problem
I'm entirely home-grown
I'm not a product of anything
I've never been or felt so at home

I'll glisten in the moonlight
I can light up my load
And all across the sky
I will explode... on my own
on my own

A baby waiting to be born
A sheep that's ready to be shorn
I'm a king in deathly throes
A lazy cock that never crows
An empty book that's leather bound
I'm a lost cause, never found

I'm not a product of anywhere
I'm entirely own grown
I'm on the cosmic fringes
I've never been or felt so at home

I'm a sleeping giant
Waiting to awake
Stumble to the fridge
And back to bed again


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