God Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song God as performed by Paul Weller

Lyrics to song God by Paul Weller

And I looked up, and I spoke to God.
And God said:

"Look at YOU, don't look at me.
You only call on me when you need me.
And when you don't; you hardly think of me at all.
I don't enter your head for weeks at a time,
And at the times I do, they're in your despair;
That you created and not I.

And still, you look up at me in such pleading terms.
That's how I can not deny you.
Don't look at me; look at you.
DON'T look at me; look at you."

And every night I pray to God,
"Please save the lives of those I love,
And take me instead, if you really need someone,
To keep you company... On a golden chair, in the glare.

Bring your guns to the table, and recite your prayer,
Loose all your hatred, if you are to pray in there.

The temple you're seeking, is in front of your nose,
Because the message you're giving, is doing nothing for those".

Seek, and you shall find
Seek, and you shall find
The oldest is the young
The young is the oldest

The oldest is the young
The young is the oldest.


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