Kling I Klang Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Kling I Klang as performed by Paul Weller

Lyrics to song Kling I Klang by Paul Weller

Clang, clang, clang
Oh the bells do peel
Cry, cry, cry cried the widows peak
The salty days of tears that dare not speak

Bang, bang, bang shot the passer by
I don't care cried the vicars wife
They're only numbers
Melting in the ice

And I don't care 'bout this ol' world
I'll take my chances in the earth
Rob myself 'til my eyes are blind
Then settle up and ride into the night

Seen any bodies? Said the Saracen's head
Damn, damn, damn sure I left it here
It's hard to tell the fighters from the thieves

Moon, moon, moon shine your heavy light
Lift up the sons and daughters alike
Tell them that you won't be home tonight

And I don't care 'bout the coming wave
I'll take my chances in the grave
There's only this moment that is now
I can't undo what I don't know how

And I don't care what the neighbours think
I've heard their dripping from the kitchen sink
The damp comes down and changes my wall
Fills my flat I find myself submerged


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