Paperchase Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Paperchase as performed by Paul Weller

Lyrics to song Paperchase by Paul Weller

Paper chase - paper chase
You can't see the light that's in your face
Paper chase - paper chase
You dressed in the cloak that you have made
What y'say?

Paper planes - paper planes
Flying too close to the solar flames
Paper chains - paper chains
Was earth not enough for you?

  • no the earth wouldn't do

Beaming like a cat that has strayed too far
Showing off your tail in an old back yard
Moving slinky - slide in your fruitless search
Tentatively out in space - paper chase

Paper chase - paper chase
You can't see the love that's taking place
Paper chase - paper chase
You can't hear the words at all -
While you're in your free fall

Sneaking in the night like a low down dog
Barking at the moon that has given you up
Merging into black 'til you can't be seen
Moving at a different pace
Paper chase


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