Two Fat Ladies Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Two Fat Ladies as performed by Paul Weller

Lyrics to song Two Fat Ladies by Paul Weller

Two fat ladies at my door'
Over the hills and far much more
Seeking the teats of mother and child
Some marked bitter, others mild
Two fat ladies click, click, click
I've gone too far and far too quick

Yester, yesterday is gone
Very nice then but now all worn
Dry that, dry that tear away
Come back when the world has changed

On and on and on we go
Courage and brave for all on show
On and on, on and on we go
Two fat ladies, 88

Chatting and waiting on a garden gate
Two young fellows not too late
What's the time and what's our fate?
Sugar, sugar - ain't it sweet
Loves your mind but rots your teeth
Looking for sugar for my bowl

Up the apples
And down the road Been all over
This town today
But can't find my feet
Or stand up straight

Silver veils that dance and hide
Golden tales lay on their side
Raise my glass, I'm in the pink

I'm sitting here
Waiting for the sun to sink
On and on and on we go


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