Until the sun Returns Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Until the sun Returns as performed by Pazuzu

Lyrics to song Until the sun Returns by Pazuzu

Cry my love for I shall not return. Into battle I
must leave and death awaits me there. As a hero
not a coward I want my name to stand. The cross
has robed our life - At least I will now die
standing. I refuse and deny a human coward to be
my rightful god. Was it not time and wisdom that
shaped me to be a man. So if my life must now end,
I am ready to leave this world. We are few but
they are thousands. Should I not return back home,
my blade I leave to my beloved son. Eye to eye,
heart by heart - At the break of the dawn the last
and only battle will be fought. Men of war, mages
and our ancestors, all as one will fight until the
sun returns.

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