Can't Believe it Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Can't Believe it as performed by Pennywise

Lyrics to song Can't Believe it by Pennywise

Wait! Can't Believe it Another victim another life
another wasted casualty The youth are shooting,
robbing and looting violence plagues society in
LA. you see it everyday on your TV on your front
page you can try but you can't wish it away I said
wait can't believe it drunk and loaded in the
street hatred flowing through their veins no
respect for human life a world that slowly goes
insane on your front page on your TV it's the
endless urban tragedy in your dark thoughts and
wildest dreams can you imagine a worse society and
when I think I can pretend I turn on my TV again
and all the fucked up things I see I can't believe
how this can be.

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