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This lyrics archive contain a total of 219 song lyrics by artist P J Harvey. 207 of these are songs where P J Harvey perform alone, and 12 are songs where P J Harvey perform together with other artists. See other artists related to P J Harvey at the end of this lyrics archive.

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207 song lyrics with P J Harvey alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.50 Foot QueeniePj Harvey
  2. 2.50 Foot QueenieP J Harvey
  3. 3.A Perfect Day, EliseP J Harvey
  4. 4.A Perfect Day, EliseP.J. Harvey
  5. 5.A Place Called HomePj Harvey
  6. 6.A Place Called HomeP J Harvey
  7. 7.A Place Called HomeP.J. Harvey
  8. 8.AngeleneP J Harvey
  9. 9.AngeleneP.J. Harvey
  10. 10.Beautiful FeelingPj Harvey
  11. 11.Beautiful FeelingP J Harvey
  12. 12.Before DeparturePj Harvey
  13. 13.Before DepartureP J Harvey
  14. 14.Big ExitPJ Harvey
  15. 15.Big ExitP J Harvey
  16. 16.Big ExitP.J. Harvey
  17. 17.Broken HarpPj Harvey
  18. 18.Broken HarpP J Harvey
  19. 19.C'mon BillyPj Harvey
  20. 20.C'mon BillyP J Harvey
  21. 21.Cat on the WallP J Harvey
  22. 22.Cat on the WallP.J. Harvey
  23. 23.CatherineP J Harvey
  24. 24.CatherineP.J. Harvey
  25. 25.City of no sunP J Harvey
  26. 26.City of no sunP.J. Harvey
  27. 27.City of No SunPJ Harvey
  28. 28.Civil war CorrespondentP J Harvey
  29. 29.Civil War CorrespondentPj Harvey
  30. 30.Dear DarknessPj Harvey
  31. 31.Dear DarknessP J Harvey
  32. 32.Down by the WaterP J Harvey
  33. 33.Down By The WaterPj Harvey
  34. 34.DressPj Harvey
  35. 35.DressP J Harvey
  36. 36.DrivingP.J. Harvey
  37. 37.DryPj Harvey
  38. 38.DryP J Harvey
  39. 39.EasyP.J. Harvey
  40. 40.EcstasyPj Harvey
  41. 41.EcstasyP J Harvey
  42. 42.Electric LightP J Harvey
  43. 43.Electric LightP.J. Harvey
  44. 44.FountainPj Harvey
  45. 45.FountainP J Harvey
  46. 46.Good FortunePj Harvey
  47. 47.Good FortuneP J Harvey
  48. 48.GoodnightP.J. Harvey
  49. 49.Grow Grow GrowPj Harvey
  50. 50.Grow Grow GrowP J Harvey
  51. 51.HairPj Harvey
  52. 52.HairP J Harvey
  53. 53.HairP.J. Harvey
  54. 54.Happy and BleedingPJ Harvey
  55. 55.Happy and BleedingP J Harvey
  56. 56.Happy and BleedingP.J. Harvey
  57. 57.Hardly WaitP.J. Harvey
  58. 58.HeelaPj Harvey
  59. 59.HeelaP J Harvey
  60. 60.HeelaP.J. Harvey
  61. 61.Highway '61 RevisitedPj Harvey
  62. 62.Highway '61 RevisitedP J Harvey
  63. 63.HookPj Harvey
  64. 64.HookP J Harvey
  65. 65.Horses in my DreamsP J Harvey
  66. 66.Horses In My DreamsPj Harvey
  67. 67.I Think i'm a MotherP J Harvey
  68. 68.I Think I'm A MotherPj Harvey
  69. 69.Is That all There isP J Harvey
  70. 70.Is That All There Is?Pj Harvey
  71. 71.Is This DesireP J Harvey
  72. 72.Is This Desire?P.J. Harvey
  73. 73.It's youP J Harvey
  74. 74.It's YouPj Harvey
  75. 75.JoePj Harvey
  76. 76.JoeP J Harvey
  77. 77.JoyP J Harvey
  78. 78.JoyP.J. Harvey
  79. 79.KamikazePj Harvey
  80. 80.KamikazeP J Harvey
  81. 81.LegsPj Harvey
  82. 82.LegsP J Harvey
  83. 83.Long Snake MoanPj Harvey
  84. 84.Long Snake MoanP J Harvey
  85. 85.Lost fun ZoneP J Harvey
  86. 86.Lost Fun ZonePj Harvey
  87. 87.M-BikeP.J. Harvey
  88. 88.Man-SizePj Harvey
  89. 89.Man-Size SextetPJ Harvey
  90. 90.Man-Size SextetP J Harvey
  91. 91.Me-JanePj Harvey
  92. 92.Me-JaneP J Harvey
  93. 93.Meet ze MonstaP J Harvey
  94. 94.Meet Ze MonstaPj Harvey
  95. 95.MissedPj Harvey
  96. 96.MissedP J Harvey
  97. 97.My Beautiful LeahP J Harvey
  98. 98.My Beautiful LeahP.J. Harvey
  99. 99.No Child of MineP J Harvey
  100. 100.No Child Of MinePj Harvey
  101. 101.No Girl so SweetP J Harvey
  102. 102.No Girl So SweetPj Harvey
  103. 103.O StellaPj Harvey
  104. 104.O StellaP J Harvey
  105. 105.O StellaP.J. Harvey
  106. 106.Oh my LoverP J Harvey
  107. 107.Oh My LoverPj Harvey
  108. 108.One LinePj Harvey
  109. 109.One LineP J Harvey
  110. 110.Passionless, PointlessPj Harvey
  111. 111.Plants and RagsPJ Harvey
  112. 112.Plants and RagsP J Harvey
  113. 113.Plants and RagsP.J. Harvey
  114. 114.RebeccaP.J. Harvey
  115. 115.Reelin'P.J. Harvey
  116. 116.Rid of meP J Harvey
  117. 117.Rid of meP.J. Harvey
  118. 118.Rid Of MePj Harvey
  119. 119.Rope Bridge CrossingPj Harvey
  120. 120.Rope Bridge CrossingP J Harvey
  121. 121.Rub 'Til it BleedsP J Harvey
  122. 122.Rub 'Til It BleedsPj Harvey
  123. 123.Send his Love to meP J Harvey
  124. 124.Send His Love To MePj Harvey
  125. 125.ShamePj Harvey
  126. 126.ShameP J Harvey
  127. 127.Sheela-Na-GigPj Harvey
  128. 128.Sheela-Na-GigP J Harvey
  129. 129.Sheela-Na-GigP.J. Harvey
  130. 130.SilencePj Harvey
  131. 131.SilenceP J Harvey
  132. 132.SnakePj Harvey
  133. 133.SnakeP J Harvey
  134. 134.Sweeter Than AnythingP.J. Harvey
  135. 135.TautPj Harvey
  136. 136.TautP J Harvey
  137. 137.TecloPj Harvey
  138. 138.TecloP J Harvey
  139. 139.That was my VeilP J Harvey
  140. 140.That Was My VeilPj Harvey
  141. 141.The DancerPj Harvey
  142. 142.The DancerP J Harvey
  143. 143.The Darker Days of me & himP J Harvey
  144. 144.The Darker Days of me & himP.J. Harvey
  145. 145.The Desperate Kingdom of LoveP J Harvey
  146. 146.The Desperate Kingdom of LoveP.J. Harvey
  147. 147.The DevilPj Harvey
  148. 148.The DevilP J Harvey
  149. 149.The FallingP.J. Harvey
  150. 150.The GardenP J Harvey
  151. 151.The GardenP.J. Harvey
  152. 152.The LetterPj Harvey
  153. 153.The LetterP J Harvey
  154. 154.The Life and Death of mr BadmouthP J Harvey
  155. 155.The Life and Death of mr BadmouthP.J. Harvey
  156. 156.The MountainPj Harvey
  157. 157.The MountainP J Harvey
  158. 158.The PianoPj Harvey
  159. 159.The PianoP J Harvey
  160. 160.The Pocket KnifeP J Harvey
  161. 161.The Pocket KnifeP.J. Harvey
  162. 162.The RiverP J Harvey
  163. 163.The RiverP.J. Harvey
  164. 164.The sky lit upP J Harvey
  165. 165.The Sky Lit UpPj Harvey
  166. 166.The Slow DrugPj Harvey
  167. 167.The Slow DrugP J Harvey
  168. 168.The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers WhoreP J Harvey
  169. 169.The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers WhorePj Harvey
  170. 170.The WindP J Harvey
  171. 171.The WindP.J. Harvey
  172. 172.This is LovePJ Harvey
  173. 173.This is LoveP J Harvey
  174. 174.This is LoveP.J. Harvey
  175. 175.This Mess We're inP J Harvey
  176. 176.This Mess We're InPj Harvey
  177. 177.This Wicked TongueP.J. Harvey
  178. 178.To Bring you my LoveP J Harvey
  179. 179.To Bring You My LovePj Harvey
  180. 180.To Talk to youP J Harvey
  181. 181.To Talk To YouPj Harvey
  182. 182.Un Cercle Autour du SoleilP J Harvey
  183. 183.Un Cercle Autour Du SoleilPj Harvey
  184. 184.Urn with Dead Flowers in a Drained PoolP J Harvey
  185. 185.VictoryPj Harvey
  186. 186.VictoryP J Harvey
  187. 187.VictoryP.J. Harvey
  188. 188.WaterPj Harvey
  189. 189.WaterP J Harvey
  190. 190.We FloatPj Harvey
  191. 191.We FloatP J Harvey
  192. 192.When Under EtherPj Harvey
  193. 193.When Under EtherP J Harvey
  194. 194.White ChalkPj Harvey
  195. 195.White ChalkP J Harvey
  196. 196.Who the FuckP J Harvey
  197. 197.Who The Fuck?Pj Harvey
  198. 198.Who Will Love me Now?P.J. Harvey
  199. 199.Working for the manP J Harvey
  200. 200.Working For The ManPj Harvey
  201. 201.You Come ThroughPj Harvey
  202. 202.You Come ThroughP J Harvey
  203. 203.You Said SomethingPj Harvey
  204. 204.You Said SomethingP J Harvey
  205. 205.Yuri-GPj Harvey
  206. 206.Yuri-GP J Harvey
  207. 207.Yuri-GP.J. Harvey

12 song lyrics with P J Harvey, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 208.A Woman a Man Walked by / The Crow Knows Where All the Little Children GoPJ Harvey, John Parish
  2. 209.AprilPJ Harvey, John Parish
  3. 210.Black Hearted LovePJ Harvey, John Parish
  4. 211.Cracks in the CanvasPJ Harvey, John Parish
  5. 212.Henry leeNick Cave, PJ Harvey
  6. 213.Henry leeNick Cave & the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey
  7. 214.Leaving CaliforniaPJ Harvey, John Parish
  8. 215.Pig Will NotPJ Harvey, John Parish
  9. 216.Sixteen, Fifteen, FourteenPJ Harvey, John Parish
  10. 217.The ChairPJ Harvey, John Parish
  11. 218.The SoldierPJ Harvey, John Parish
  12. 219.Urn With Dead Flowers in a Drained PoolPJ Harvey, John Parish


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