Chickenheads Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Chickenheads as performed together by Project Pat&DJ Paul&Lil Chat&Juicy J

bwok bwok, chicken chicken
bwok bwok, chicken heads
(boy please whateva)
bwok bwok, chicken chicken
bwok bwok, chicken heads

Project Pat
bald-head skally-wag
ain't got no hair in back
gelled up weaved up
yo hair is messed
need to get bout' a hustle mission
get up on loot run to beautican
run game until the game is gravy
that don't mean spend
cheese fa tha baby
(bwok bwok) on a stalk
stalk for a bootleg
(bwok bwok) pretty walk
walk givin out head
ain't a thang eat a chicken wang
got some gold teeth
at da club tryin ta shake that thang
tryin ta get piece
chicken chicken always
into some dumb shit
shuolda paid ya light bill
you bought a outfit
stay at ya mammy house
and keep a smart mouth
its Project Memphis Tenn
represent tha south
so pass tha dro-dro and
we gone stay tickin
full of that mo mo holla at a chicken


Lil Chat
yeah you like my outfit
don't even fake the deal
i thought you said you
had your girl on the
light bill

Project Pat
always in my face
talkin this and that
girl i had to buy some
rims for da Cadilac

Lil Chat
you riding clean
but ya gas tank is on E
be stepping out ain't no
descent shoes on ya feet

Project Pat
that's just the meter broke
youn't know'cha talkin bout
anyway them new Jordans finna come out

Lil Chat
hate see ya in a club
ya mobbin wit a mug
know that ya ridin wit ya boy
ya nothing but a scrub

Project Pat
but he was with me
that's when you hated
cause when i got up on
ya friend ya damn-near

Lil Chat
i sho did
in our face drankin on that "yak"
moutth fulla golds but yo
ass need some tic tacs

Project Pat
what? you need some gun
breath like some thunder
what you lookin at
i don't want yo phone number
(boy please whateva)


Dj Paul
now these chicken head
hoes see this platinum
thick as white gold
see the 20 inch Pirelli's roll
mane thank the vogues
dodgin all my foes
ridin Cady truck wit dvd
a flock of broads follow me
from the club to break they knees
knowin that's all i want
straight out tha club
tha rest ain't smellin right
the last thang on they
mind is freshin up
its goin down tonight
weave in they head
weed in they purse
still crunk
baby seats all across
the back wit close in
the trunk

Juicy J
i been known to hold my own
i been known to ride on chrome
i been known to flip a
platinum watch wit the
diamond stones
i'm the fool supplyin tha dro
i'm tha fool supplyin tha blow
i'm tha playa who got u
chicken heads knockin
at my do
tellin me that you diggin me
tellin me i'm yo man to be
girlfriend its gone cost a fee
get yo rags and work that streets
pay ya boy and make me rich
so we keep them swisher's lit
(???) yo fees we count them g's
cashin it from all you chicks


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