Government Corruption Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Government Corruption as performed by Reh Dogg

Lyrics to song Government Corruption by Reh Dogg

It's time for us as United States citizens to stand up for our rights and all the people around the world. And America, and the United States and the United Kingdom.
Cause this government, their trying to bring us down and suppress us and I'm not gonna
Stand for that. You know? Yeah

I'm against socialism. I'm a conservative democrat who fights back and I refuse to let
This government attack on my way of life now which is free. They want to control me.
I'm not gonna let them do it. Taxation without representation. It's not far from the truth.
That's why they wanna abuse we. Yes you know it's not right. Stand up for your rights.
This will cause a revolution. Get up and stand up and fight. I won't be dragged under
This system. Demonetic system. Europe and the United States of America they want to
Do away with the U.S. currency.

Government corruption this world is in a state of confusion.
Government corruption, get up and stand up and fight for
Your God giving rights. x2

As I was saying the U.S. government and Europe they want to do away with the U.S. currency. Make a new currency the Euro and they want to control us and tag us humans.
Stick a microchip inside your bloodstream. They know that this thing will cause cancer.
But a they no care they want to lead by fear. And I know the world end is soon near.
I'm against the socialism. I'm against the confusion the government wants us to do.
Yes I'm a conservative democrat and I will fight back yeah. I refuse to let this government attack on my free will and I won't let them do it no more.
No they won't do it no more.