Free Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Free as performed by Rick Ramdehal

Lyrics to song Free by Rick Ramdehal

(R. Ramdehal, K. Bisnauth)
Yeah ee yeah ee yeah, aah haa
Don't waste your life, decide what you want
Capitalize, stand up and stretch your hands
Life is too short, youth is running away
If you keep chasing, you'll end up old and grey
Seize the day, don't let it disappear
Make a resolution, do something today
Don't hesitate, do the things that you want
Your time is now, run and open the gate
Be Free, Live Free, Be Free, Live Free
Move out of the slow lane, put your life in motion
Now is the time, to get up and make a change
You're tellin' your friends, we will get together
A week becomes a month, and you never seeing each other
Just the other day, I was holding your hand
Holding on to you, is like squeezing sand
Pick up the phone, tell them you're on your way
Get a bus, a plane, a train, and reach out today
Be Free, Live Free, Be Free, Live Free
Get up and go, don't hesitate, your
time is now, do something today
You're working so hard, never seeing your destination
When you gain a foot, you're inches from salvation
Listen to these words, you're in the right direction
Don't give up your dreams, you can make it if you try
Be Free, Live Free, Be Free, Live Free

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