MMG The World Is Ours Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song MMG The World Is Ours as performed together by Rick Ross&Pharell Williams&Meek Mill&Stalley

Lyrics to song MMG The World Is Ours by Rick Ross feat. Pharell Williams&Meek Mill&Stalley

Here we are, the world is ours
from the block to boulevard
The rain is gone
The rain is gone
(wooh wooh)
The rain is gone
from the block to boulevard
(wooh wooh)
The rain is gone
the rain is..

Rick Ross
I'm feelin myself, hope you feelin me too
God forgives and I don't
Unforgettable dude
I'm ballin my nigga, and that's word to your mama
I want you to ride, definition of honor
Honor that brother but murder these hoes
Always pay your taxes, never pay these hoes
Always making moves, I didn't make the rules
I'm just making ends meet with this plate of food
Went from spaghetti O's to a new set of Vogues
Back to square one, we still was selling those
My Tribe Called Quest, shit was nice dogg
Gucci was Q-Tip, I was Phife dog
On the world tours with all the wrong whores
Had the right ideas, and all the wrong stores
Timing is everything, rhyming is everything
Geechi Liberace, put diamonds in everything


They say skateboard, you racist, you only hang with white Cubans
Nonsense, that's the necklace nigga, the light's moving
This is jewelry, that shit is foolery
Frozen water on my neck nigga, who's cool as me?
Up in mansions like the black Kurt Cobain
My nigga Ross said he's the boss cause he works cocaine
And under no certain circumstances
Would the fastest of the diamonds not be disrespectful and hurt yo chain
And your feelings, yeah they villains but I'm chillin
I'm still a nerd, millions and millions and millions off a verse?
My niggas be stealin' and killin' and thrillin' for the birds
Making deals squeezing life outta the next ?
I'm on my iPhone, bitches put their naked pictures on my iPad
The doors go up and iGone
Black boy scorin' his life, I'm scorin' the Oscars
Remember I used to want a Pasha and eat some lobster
But now I eat the apple, with my AP
Your life and your wrist got the wrong timing, you hate me
Says the little boy that loves you
Who had the ashy feet
Now wear the ashy white suit, out in fashion week
Where the upper classes meet, thats just me
I smash the beat..


Meek Mill
Dedication and motivation
Gave them motors to hate me
Old homies betrayed me
Running around saying they made me
But when I had a quarter they had 4 and the baby
It was a whole different story but fuck โ€˜em thme niggas is shady
Now I'm self-made, self-paid, and I give myself a raise
Whole circle shining nigga, never had them selfish ways
Never had nobody tell me "go and get a tummy shake"
Had to learn on my own
Ask my momma, I was gone
Puffin purple getting stoned
Tryna take the pain away
Now its Rolls Royce's, umbrella's for a rainy day
Old heads told me "young fella, this ain't the game to play!"
Had to take a chance told the dealer โ€œdeal my handโ€
And now that nigga's gettin' murdered, shit is getting scary
I put mirror tint all in the Ghost
I'm screaming Bloody Mary! Nigga, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
Let 'em cross the line at scrimmage they get fucking buried
They had me cutting through that field just like a Russian
was playing with hammers, had them birds but we don't fuck with Larry
I was just trying to ball, ducking D's and grinding raw
But now I'm pulling up in that thing, them niggas gone need some tylenol
I'm gone!


I'm staring at my notepad like goodbye to my broke past
Words full of money, use dollar signs as my periods, I'm gettin money. Period!
They said I got a old soul and I'm rich nigga spirited
So one time for the old-timers and two for the new school
Three for my geechie niggas with big rollies in that new coupe
Blowing on loud, sippin on that dirty juice
With a trade deuce livin life like they ain't made loot
Cuz whats here today could be gone tomorrow so I'mma get it myself
I ain't known to ball, make sure my kids is straight in case I'm gone tomorrow
Young Bonapart, I'm Noah dawg, like Chi Ali, dark shades like Cool Moe Dee
Cool fly nigga is who I be
Big chain with a bigger charm, leavin' with a bad chick under my arm
Geechi Liberace, diamonds on everything, even my posse
(diamonds on everything, even my posse)



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