Ricky Martin Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 129 song lyrics by artist Ricky Martin. 114 of these are songs where Ricky Martin perform alone, and 15 are songs where Ricky Martin perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Ricky Martin at the end of this lyrics archive.

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114 song lyrics with Ricky Martin alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.A Medio VivirRicky Martin
  2. 2.AmorRicky Martin
  3. 3.AnRicky Martin
  4. 4.Are You In It For LoveRicky Martin
  5. 5.Asi Es La VidaRicky Martin
  6. 6.Asignatura PendienteRicky Martin
  7. 7.AyudameRicky Martin
  8. 8.Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazon)Ricky Martin
  9. 9.Bella (She's All I Ever Had)Ricky Martin
  10. 10.Besos De FuegoRicky Martin
  11. 11.Bombon de AzucarRicky Martin
  12. 12.Cambia La PielRicky Martin
  13. 13.Casi Un BoleroRicky Martin
  14. 14.Come to meRicky Martin
  15. 15.Como Decirte AdiosRicky Martin
  16. 16.Con tu NombreRicky Martin
  17. 17.Conmigo Nadie PuedeRicky Martin
  18. 18.CorazonRicky Martin
  19. 19.Corazon Entre NubesRicky Martin
  20. 20.CorazonadoRicky Martin
  21. 21.Dame MasRicky Martin
  22. 22.Dame Mas (Loaded Spanish)Ricky Martin
  23. 23.Dejate Llevar (It's Alright)Ricky Martin
  24. 24.Dime Que me QuieresRicky Martin
  25. 25.Donde EstarasRicky Martin
  26. 26.Drop it on me (Traducida)Ricky Martin
  27. 27.El Amor De Mi VidaRicky Martin
  28. 28.Ella EsRicky Martin
  29. 29.Entre El Amor Y Los HalagosRicky Martin
  30. 30.Eres Como El AireRicky Martin
  31. 31.EsRicky Martin
  32. 32.Es (2)Ricky Martin
  33. 33.Es Mejor Decirse AdiosRicky Martin
  34. 34.Fuego Contra FuegoRicky Martin
  35. 35.Fuego de Noche, Nieve de diaRicky Martin
  36. 36.Gracias Por Pensar En MiRicky Martin
  37. 37.Hagamos El AmorRicky Martin
  38. 38.Hercules (English Version)Ricky Martin
  39. 39.Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-HolidayRicky Martin
  40. 40.I Am Made of YouRicky Martin
  41. 41.I Count the MinutesRicky Martin
  42. 42.I Don't Care (Espa簽ol)Ricky Martin
  43. 43.I Won't Desert YouRicky Martin
  44. 44.I'm on my wayRicky Martin
  45. 45.If You Ever Saw HerRicky Martin
  46. 46.Intro JaguarRicky Martin
  47. 47.It's AlrightRicky Martin
  48. 48.JaleoRicky Martin
  49. 49.Jaleo (Spanglish)Ricky Martin
  50. 50.JamasRicky Martin
  51. 51.JezabelRicky Martin
  52. 52.Juego de AjedrezRicky Martin
  53. 53.JuramentoRicky Martin
  54. 54.La BombaRicky Martin
  55. 55.La Copa De La VidaRicky Martin
  56. 56.La diosa del carnavalRicky Martin
  57. 57.Las Almas Del SilencioRicky Martin
  58. 58.LifeRicky Martin
  59. 59.Livin' La Vida LocaRicky Martin
  60. 60.Livin' La Vida Loca (Spanish Version)Ricky Martin
  61. 61.Lo Que Nos Pase, PasaraRicky Martin
  62. 62.LoadedRicky Martin
  63. 63.Lola, LolaRicky Martin
  64. 64.Love You for a DayRicky Martin
  65. 65.Marcia BailaRicky Martin
  66. 66.MariaRicky Martin
  67. 67.Maria (English / Spanish version)Ricky Martin
  68. 68.Maria (English)Ricky Martin
  69. 69.Maria (Portuguese Version)Ricky Martin
  70. 70.Me AmarasRicky Martin
  71. 71.Nada Es ImposibleRicky Martin
  72. 72.Nadie M獺s Que TuRicky Martin
  73. 73.No Importa la DistanciaRicky Martin
  74. 74.No me Pidas masRicky Martin
  75. 75.Nobody Wants To Be LonelyRicky Martin
  76. 76.One Night ManRicky Martin
  77. 77.PegateRicky Martin
  78. 78.Perdido sin tiRicky Martin
  79. 79.PopotitosRicky Martin
  80. 80.Por Arriba, Por AbajoRicky Martin
  81. 81.Private Emotion (Traduccion)Ricky Martin
  82. 82.Que Dia Es HoyRicky Martin
  83. 83.Que mas da ( I Don't Care)Ricky Martin
  84. 84.Raza de mil ColoresRicky Martin
  85. 85.RevolucionRicky Martin
  86. 86.Saint TropezRicky Martin
  87. 87.Save The DanceRicky Martin
  88. 88.Ser FelizRicky Martin
  89. 89.Shake Your Bon-BonRicky Martin
  90. 90.She BangsRicky Martin
  91. 91.She Bangs (Spanish)Ricky Martin
  92. 92.She's All I Ever HadRicky Martin
  93. 93.Si Tu Te VasRicky Martin
  94. 94.Si Ya No Est獺s Aqu穩Ricky Martin
  95. 95.Somos La SemillaRicky Martin
  96. 96.Spanish EyesRicky Martin
  97. 97.Stop Time TonightRicky Martin
  98. 98.SusanaRicky Martin
  99. 99.Tal VezRicky Martin
  100. 100.Te Extranjo, Te Olvido, Te AmoRicky Martin
  101. 101.Te Quero Te Esque癟o Te AmoRicky Martin
  102. 102.Te Voy a ConquistarRicky Martin
  103. 103.The Cup Of LifeRicky Martin
  104. 104.The TouchRicky Martin
  105. 105.The TouchRicky Martin
  106. 106.Til I Get To YouRicky Martin
  107. 107.Todos mis Caminos van a ti (Dueto con Sasha Sokol)Ricky Martin
  108. 108.Un, Dos, Tres... MariaRicky Martin
  109. 109.Ven A MiRicky Martin
  110. 110.VolverasRicky Martin
  111. 111.VueloRicky Martin
  112. 112.VuelveRicky Martin
  113. 113.Y Todo Quedo En NadaRicky Martin
  114. 114.You Stay With meRicky Martin

15 song lyrics with Ricky Martin, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 115.Be CarefulRicky Martin, Madonna
  2. 116.Drop it on meRicky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Taboo
  3. 117.Hey Jude!Lourdes Robles, Chayanne, Ilan Chester, La Mafia, Magneto, Ricky Martin, Willy Chirino, Yuri
  4. 118.I AmRicky Martin, Voltio
  5. 119.I Don't CareRicky Martin, FAT JOE, AMERIE
  6. 120.Livin' la Vida Loca (Remix)Big Punisher, Ricky Martin, Fat
  7. 121.Lo Major de Mi Vida Eres T繳Ricky Martin, Natalia Jimenez
  8. 122.Nobody Wants to Be LonelyChristina Aguilera, Ricky Martin
  9. 123.Private EmotionRicky Martin, Meja
  10. 124.Que Mas Da (I Don't Care) (Luny Tunes Reggaeton Mix)Ricky Martin, Fat Joe, Amerie
  11. 125.The Best Thing About me is YouRicky Martin, Joss Stone
  12. 126.This Is GoodRicky Martin, Voltio
  13. 127.Tu RecuerdoRicky Martin, LA MARI (DE CHAMBAO)
  14. 128.Tu Recuerdo (Remix)Alexis & Fido, Ricky Martin
  15. 129.Yo Solo Quiero AmarteRicky Martin, Christina Aguilera