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This lyrics archive contain a total of 383 song lyrics by artist R Kelly. 239 of these are songs where R Kelly perform alone, and 144 are songs where R Kelly perform together with other artists. See other artists related to R Kelly at the end of this lyrics archive.

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239 song lyrics with R Kelly alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.(Sex) Love is What we Makin'R Kelly
  2. 2.(You to Be) Be HappyR Kelly
  3. 3.12 PlayR Kelly
  4. 4.2nd KellyR. Kelly
  5. 5.A Love Letter ChristmasR Kelly
  6. 6.A Soldier's HeartR Kelly
  7. 7.A Woman's ThreatR. Kelly
  8. 8.All I Really WantR Kelly
  9. 9.All I Want to doR. Kelly
  10. 10.All Rounds On MeR Kelly
  11. 11.Already TakenR Kelly
  12. 12.As I Look Into my LifeR. Kelly
  13. 13.Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, BabyR. Kelly
  14. 14.Bad ManR Kelly
  15. 15.Bangin' The HeadboardR Kelly
  16. 16.Be happy (You to be)R Kelly
  17. 17.Be My #2R Kelly
  18. 18.Beautiful In This MirrorR Kelly
  19. 19.Believe in meR Kelly
  20. 20.Believe That It's SoR Kelly
  21. 21.Big ChipsR Kelly
  22. 22.Break Up (Thats All we do)R Kelly
  23. 23.Break Up to Make UpR Kelly
  24. 24.Bump n' GrindR. Kelly
  25. 25.Bump n' Grind (Old School Mix)R. Kelly
  26. 26.ButterflyR Kelly
  27. 27.Chocolate FactoryR. Kelly
  28. 28.Clipped WingsR Kelly
  29. 29.Come to DaddyR. Kelly
  30. 30.ContagiousR. Kelly
  31. 31.Dancing with a Rich manR. Kelly
  32. 32.DedicatedR. Kelly
  33. 33.Definition of a HottiR. Kelly
  34. 34.Did You Ever ThinkR Kelly
  35. 35.Doin' DishesR Kelly
  36. 36.Don't Let Me DieR Kelly
  37. 37.Don't Put me OutR. Kelly
  38. 38.Don't you say noR. Kelly
  39. 39.Down LowR. Kelly
  40. 40.Down Low Double LifeR. Kelly
  41. 41.Dream GirlR Kelly
  42. 42.EchoR Kelly
  43. 43.ElsewhereR Kelly
  44. 44.EtceteraR. Kelly
  45. 45.ExitR Kelly
  46. 46.Fallin' From The SkyR Kelly
  47. 47.Fallin' From The SkyR Kelly
  48. 48.Fallin' HeartsR Kelly
  49. 49.Far MoreR. Kelly
  50. 50.Feelin' On Yo BootyR Kelly
  51. 51.Feelin' On Yo Booty (Hypnosis Mix)R Kelly
  52. 52.Feelin' SingleR Kelly
  53. 53.Feelin' You in StereoR Kelly
  54. 54.FireworksR Kelly
  55. 55.Fool For YouR Kelly
  56. 56.For YouR Kelly
  57. 57.ForeverR Kelly
  58. 58.Forever MoreR Kelly
  59. 59.Freak Dat BodyR. Kelly
  60. 60.Freaky in the ClubR Kelly
  61. 61.Get This MoneyR Kelly
  62. 62.Get up on a RoomR. Kelly
  63. 63.GhostR. Kelly
  64. 64.Go LowR Kelly
  65. 65.Gotham CityR. Kelly
  66. 66.Gotham City (Remix)R. Kelly
  67. 67.Hair BraiderR Kelly
  68. 68.Half on a BabyR. Kelly
  69. 69.Happy PeopleR Kelly
  70. 70.Havin' A BabyR Kelly
  71. 71.Heart of a WomanR Kelly
  72. 72.Heaven, I Need A HugR Kelly
  73. 73.Help! I Need to KnowR. Kelly
  74. 74.Hold onR Kelly
  75. 75.Homie Lover FriendR Kelly
  76. 76.HoneyR Kelly
  77. 77.Honey LoveR. Kelly
  78. 78.Hotel (Feat. Cassidy)R. Kelly
  79. 79.How Did You ManageR Kelly
  80. 80.How do I Tell Her?R Kelly
  81. 81.Hump BounceR. Kelly
  82. 82.I BelieveR Kelly
  83. 83.I Believe I Can FlyR Kelly
  84. 84.I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)R. Kelly
  85. 85.I Can't Sleep Baby (Remix)R. Kelly
  86. 86.I DecidedR Kelly
  87. 87.I Don't Mean itR. Kelly
  88. 88.I Had a DreamR Kelly
  89. 89.I Like LoveR Kelly
  90. 90.I Like The Crotch On YouR Kelly
  91. 91.I Love The DjR Kelly
  92. 92.I Mean (i Don't Mean it)R. Kelly
  93. 93.I SurrenderR Kelly
  94. 94.I WishR Kelly
  95. 95.I'll Never LeaveR Kelly
  96. 96.I'm SorryR. Kelly
  97. 97.IfR Kelly
  98. 98.If I Could Make the World DanceR Kelly
  99. 99.If I Could Turn Back the Hands of TimeR. Kelly
  100. 100.If I'm Wit YouR. Kelly
  101. 101.IgnitionR Kelly
  102. 102.Ignition (Remix)R Kelly
  103. 103.Imagine ThatR Kelly
  104. 104.In the Kitchen (Remix 2)R. Kelly
  105. 105.In Those JeansR. Kelly
  106. 106.Intro - the SermonR. Kelly
  107. 107.It Ain't PersonalR Kelly
  108. 108.It Seems Like You're ReadyR Kelly
  109. 109.It's Your BirthdayR Kelly
  110. 110.Just A TouchR Kelly
  111. 111.Just CanT Get EnoughR Kelly
  112. 112.Just Like ThatR Kelly
  113. 113.Kickin' It With Your GirlfriendR Kelly
  114. 114.Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven)R Kelly
  115. 115.Lady SundayR Kelly
  116. 116.Leap Of FaithR Kelly
  117. 117.Leave Your NameR Kelly
  118. 118.Like a Real FreakR. Kelly
  119. 119.Like I DoR Kelly
  120. 120.Looking for LoveR. Kelly
  121. 121.Lost in Your LoveR Kelly
  122. 122.Love LetterR Kelly
  123. 123.Love Letter (Prelude)R Kelly
  124. 124.Love SignalsR Kelly
  125. 125.Love StreetR Kelly
  126. 126.LovelandR. Kelly
  127. 127.Make you my BabyR. Kelly
  128. 128.More and MoreR. Kelly
  129. 129.Music Must Be a LadyR Kelly
  130. 130.NakedR. Kelly
  131. 131.Not Feelin' the LoveR Kelly
  132. 132.Not Gonna Hold onR. Kelly
  133. 133.Number One HitR Kelly
  134. 134.One ManR. Kelly
  135. 135.One MeR Kelly
  136. 136.One Step CloserR Kelly
  137. 137.Only the Loot Can Make me HappyR. Kelly
  138. 138.OutrageousR Kelly
  139. 139.Party Jumpin'R Kelly
  140. 140.PeaceR Kelly
  141. 141.Prayer ChangesR Kelly
  142. 142.PregnantR Kelly
  143. 143.Pretty GirlsR Kelly
  144. 144.PussyR Kelly
  145. 145.Put My T-Shirt OnR Kelly
  146. 146.R&b ThugR. Kelly
  147. 147.Radio MessageR Kelly
  148. 148.RaindropsR. Kelly
  149. 149.Real TalkR Kelly
  150. 150.RealityR. Kelly
  151. 151.Red Carpet (Pause, Flash)R Kelly
  152. 152.ReliefR Kelly
  153. 153.ReligiousR Kelly
  154. 154.Religious LoveR. Kelly
  155. 155.Remote ControlR Kelly
  156. 156.Rise UpR Kelly
  157. 157.Rollin'R Kelly
  158. 158.SadieR Kelly
  159. 159.Same GirlR Kelly
  160. 160.Satisfy youR Kelly
  161. 161.Seems Like Your ReadyR. Kelly
  162. 162.Sex in the KitchenR Kelly
  163. 163.Sex Me, (Parts 1 & 2)R Kelly
  164. 164.Sex PlanetR Kelly
  165. 165.Sex WeedR Kelly
  166. 166.Share my LoveR Kelly
  167. 167.She's Coming Home With MeR Kelly
  168. 168.She's Got That VibeR Kelly
  169. 169.ShortyR Kelly
  170. 170.Sign of a VictoryR Kelly
  171. 171.SkinR Kelly
  172. 172.Slow DanceR. Kelly
  173. 173.Slow WindR Kelly
  174. 174.So sexyR Kelly
  175. 175.Somebody's GirlR Kelly
  176. 176.Spendin' MoneyR. Kelly
  177. 177.SpiritR Kelly
  178. 178.Step in the Name of LoveR Kelly
  179. 179.Step in the Name of Love (Remix)R Kelly
  180. 180.Step Into my RoomR. Kelly
  181. 181.Steppin' Into HeavenR Kelly
  182. 182.Strip for youR. Kelly
  183. 183.SuicideR. Kelly
  184. 184.Summer BunniesR Kelly
  185. 185.Sweet ToothR Kelly
  186. 186.Take my Time TonightR. Kelly
  187. 187.Take You Home With Me (A.K.A. Body)R Kelly
  188. 188.Taxi CabR Kelly
  189. 189.Tempo SlowR. Kelly
  190. 190.Text MeR Kelly
  191. 191.Thank god It's FridayR. Kelly
  192. 192.The Best Of Both WorldsR Kelly
  193. 193.The ChampR Kelly
  194. 194.The ChaseR. Kelly
  195. 195.The Diary of meR Kelly
  196. 196.The Greatest SexR Kelly
  197. 197.The Greatest Show on EarthR Kelly
  198. 198.The OperaR. Kelly
  199. 199.The Real r. KellyR. Kelly
  200. 200.The ReturnR Kelly
  201. 201.The Storm is over nowR. Kelly
  202. 202.The StreetsR Kelly
  203. 203.The World's GreatestR. Kelly
  204. 204.The ZooR Kelly
  205. 205.Thoia ThoingR Kelly
  206. 206.Touched a DreamR. Kelly
  207. 207.Tp-2R. Kelly
  208. 208.Trade in my LifeR. Kelly
  209. 209.Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 1 of 5)R Kelly
  210. 210.Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 10)R Kelly
  211. 211.Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 11 of 12)R Kelly
  212. 212.Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 12 of 12)R Kelly
  213. 213.Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 2 of 5)R Kelly
  214. 214.Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 3)R Kelly
  215. 215.Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 4)R Kelly
  216. 216.Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 5)R Kelly
  217. 217.Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 6 of 12)R Kelly
  218. 218.Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 7 of 12)R Kelly
  219. 219.Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 8 of 12)R Kelly
  220. 220.Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 9 of 12)R Kelly
  221. 221.Trapped in the Closet (Full Version)R. Kelly
  222. 222.U Saved MeR Kelly
  223. 223.Up And Outta HereR Kelly
  224. 224.VictoryR Kelly
  225. 225.WeathermanR Kelly
  226. 226.What I Feel IssuesR. Kelly
  227. 227.When a Man LiesR Kelly
  228. 228.When a Woman Loves (Remix)R Kelly
  229. 229.When a Woman's fed upR. Kelly
  230. 230.When I Think About YouR Kelly
  231. 231.Whole Lotta KissesR Kelly
  232. 232.World ChristmasR. Kelly
  233. 233.You are my WorldR Kelly
  234. 234.You Are Not AloneR. Kelly
  235. 235.You Bring me JoyR. Kelly
  236. 236.You Knock Me OutR Kelly
  237. 237.You Made Me Love YouR Kelly
  238. 238.You Remind me of SomethingR. Kelly
  239. 239.Your Body's Callin'R Kelly

144 song lyrics with R Kelly, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 240.3-Way Phone CallR Kelly, Kelly Price, Kim Burrell and Maurice Mahon
  2. 241.Been Around the WorldR Kelly, Ja Rule
  3. 242.Best FriendR Kelly, Keyshia Cole, Polow Da Don
  4. 243.Big ChipsJay-Z, R. Kelly
  5. 244.Body KissIsley Brothers, Lil' Kim, R. Kelly
  6. 245.Body KissThe Isley Brothers, Lil' Kim, R. Kelly
  7. 246.Break up to Make upJay-Z & R. Kelly
  8. 247.Burn it UpR Kelly, Wisin, Yondell
  9. 248.Burn It UpWisin Y Yandel, R. Kelly
  10. 249.Calling all GirlsAtl, R Kelly
  11. 250.Center Of The StageT-Pain, R. Kelly, Bei Maejor
  12. 251.ContagiousRon Isley, R. Kelly, Chante Moore
  13. 252.ContagiousIsley Brothers, R KELLY & CHANTE MOORE
  14. 253.ContagiousThe Isley Brothers, R Kelly & Chante Moore
  15. 254.Could've Been You50 Cent, R. Kelly
  16. 255.Crazy NightR Kelly, Rock City
  17. 256.Dats What i'm Talkin AboutMissy Elliot, R. Kelly
  18. 257.Dats What i'm Talkin AboutMissy Elliott, R Kelly
  19. 258.Dats What I'm Talkin AboutMissy 'misdemeanor' Elliott, R Kelly
  20. 259.Did You Ever Think (Remix)R Kelly, Nas
  21. 260.Do What U WantLady Gaga, R. Kelly
  22. 261.Dollar BillR Kelly, Foxy Brown
  23. 262.Double UpR Kelly, Snoop Dogg
  24. 263.Feelin' You in StereoJay-Z, R. Kelly
  25. 264.FiestaR Kelly, Gotti & Boo
  26. 265.Fiesta (Remix)R. Kelly, Jay-Z
  27. 266.Fuck you TonightNotorious B.I.G., R. Kelly
  28. 267.Gangsta GirlBig Tymers, R Kelly
  29. 268.Get DirtyR Kelly, Chamillionaire
  30. 269.Get This MoneyJay-Z & R. Kelly
  31. 270.Ghetto QueenR Kelly, Crucial Conflict
  32. 271.Girlfriend (Remix)B2k, R Kelly
  33. 272.Girls Go CrazyR Kelly, Baby
  34. 273.Go GettaYoung Jeezy, R. Kelly
  35. 274.Gone Til November (The Makin' Runs Remix)Wyclef Jean, Canibus, R. Kelly, Khadejiah Bass
  36. 275.Good SexR Kelly, Twista
  37. 276.Green LightJay-Z & R. Kelly
  38. 277.Green LightR Kelly, Beanie Sigel
  39. 278.Guilty Until Proven InnocentJay-Z, R. Kelly
  40. 279.Happy SummertimeR Kelly, Snoop Dogg
  41. 280.Hell Yeah (Remix)Ginuwine, R Kelly, Baby & Clipse
  42. 281.Hit It Till The Mornin'R Kelly, Twista, Do Or Die
  43. 282.Home AloneR Kelly, Keith Murray
  44. 283.HoneyJay-Z, R. Kelly
  45. 284.HoneyJay-Z & R. Kelly
  46. 285.Hook It UpR Kelly, Huey
  47. 286.HotelCassidy, R Kelly
  48. 287.Hotel (Remix)Cassidy, R Kelly, Trina
  49. 288.HypnoticSyleena Johnson, R. Kelly, Fabolous
  50. 289.I Gotta ChickTyrese, R. Kelly, Tyga
  51. 290.I Gotta Chick (Remix)Tyrese, R. Kelly, Rick Ross
  52. 291.I Wish (Remix)R Kelly, Boo and Gotti
  53. 292.I'm A FlirtTrey Songz, R. Kelly, T-Pain
  54. 293.I'm A Flirt (Remix)R. Kelly, T-Pain, T.I.
  55. 294.I'm About to Get HerLL Cool J, R. Kelly
  56. 295.I'm Your AngelR. Kelly, Celine Dion
  57. 296.I'ma FlirtBow Wow, R. Kelly
  58. 297.If I Were a Boy (Remix)Beyonc矇, R. Kelly
  59. 298.If I Were A Boy (Remix)Beyonce Knowles, R. Kelly
  60. 299.In Da ClubLil' Jon & The East Side Boyz, R Kelly & Ludacris
  61. 300.In Love with a ThugSharissa, R. Kelly
  62. 301.It Ain't PersonalJay-Z & R. Kelly
  63. 302.It Ain't PersonalJay-Z, R. Kelly
  64. 303.It Could've Been YouBishop Lamont, 50 Cent, R. Kelly
  65. 304.It's Like EverydayDj Quik, R. Kelly & Maus-Berg
  66. 305.It's Me Bitches (Remix)Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss, Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly
  67. 306.It's OnMary J. Blige, R. Kelly
  68. 307.LaundromatNivea, R Kelly
  69. 308.Lay it Down (G-Mix)Lloyd, R. Kelly, Young Jeezy
  70. 309.Leave Wit MeChingy, R Kelly
  71. 310.Love isR Kelly, duet with K. Michelle
  72. 311.Love RehabTwista, R. Kelly
  73. 312.Mi CasaNotorious B.I.G., Charlie Wilson, R Kelly
  74. 313.Mo' MoneyR Kelly, Twista
  75. 314.Mo' MoneyJay-Z, Twista, R. Kelly
  76. 315.Money Makes the World Go RoundR Kelly, Nas
  77. 316.Ms. ChocolateLil Jon, R. Kelly, Mario
  78. 317.NakedJay-Z & R. Kelly
  79. 318.National Anthem she Wants youKelly Price, R. Kelly
  80. 319.Next To YouCiara, R Kelly
  81. 320.Number OneR Kelly, Keri Hilson
  82. 321.Our MedleyEminem, Beyonc矇 Knowles, Fantasia, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Rihanna, Swizz Beatz
  83. 322.ParachuteFuture, R. Kelly
  84. 323.Pick Up The PhoneTyrese, Ludacris, R. Kelly
  85. 324.Pimpin Ain't EzSnoop Dogg, R. Kelly
  86. 325.PlatinumSnoop Dogg, R. Kelly
  87. 326.Playa's OnlyR Kelly, The Game
  88. 327.Playas OnlyThe Game, R. Kelly
  89. 328.Pretty GirlsJay-Z, R. Kelly
  90. 329.Promise (Go and Get Your Tickets Mix)Ciara, R. Kelly
  91. 330.Promise (Remix)Ciara, R. Kelly
  92. 331.PussyJay-Z, R. Kelly
  93. 332.Quit Actin'Ray J, R. Kelly
  94. 333.Reggae Bump, BumpR Kelly, Elephant Man
  95. 334.Rewind ThatR Kelly, Flo Rida
  96. 335.RingtoneR Kelly, Polow Da Don
  97. 336.Rock StarR Kelly, Ludacris, Kid Rock
  98. 337.Same GirlR Kelly, Usher
  99. 338.Same GirlUsher, R Kelly
  100. 339.Same GirlUsher, R. Kelly
  101. 340.Same Girl (Triple Up Remix)R. Kelly, T-Pain, Usher
  102. 341.Satisfy youPuff Daddy, R. Kelly
  103. 342.Satisfy you (West Side Remix)Puff Daddy, The Luniz, R. Kelly
  104. 343.Shake it Like a DawgKeri Hilson, R. Kelly
  105. 344.Shake ya BodyJay-Z & R. Kelly
  106. 345.Shake Ya BodyR Kelly, Lil' Kim
  107. 346.ShortyJay-Z & R. Kelly
  108. 347.ShortyJay-Z, R. Kelly
  109. 348.ShowdownR Kelly, Ronald Isley
  110. 349.Signs of Love Makin' Part IITyrese, R. Kelly
  111. 350.Slow Wind (Remix)R. Kelly, Sean Paul, Akon
  112. 351.SnakeR Kelly, Big Tigger
  113. 352.Snake (Remix)R Kelly, Big Tigger, Cam'Ron
  114. 353.So HotFat Joe, R. Kelly
  115. 354.So SexyTwista, R. Kelly
  116. 355.So Sexy Chapter IITwista, R Kelly
  117. 356.Somebody's GirlJay-Z & R. Kelly
  118. 357.Speedin'Rick Ross, R. Kelly
  119. 358.StopR Kelly, Foxy Brown
  120. 359.Supaman HighR Kelly, OJ da Juiceman
  121. 360.Take you Home with me A.K.A. BodyJay-Z & R. Kelly
  122. 361.That's ThatSnoop Dogg, R. Kelly
  123. 362.That's That Shit (Clean)Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly
  124. 363.The Best of Both WorldsJay-Z & R. Kelly
  125. 364.The ReturnJay-Z, R. Kelly
  126. 365.The Return (Remix)R Kelly, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick
  127. 366.The Return (Remix)Jay-Z, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, R. Kelly
  128. 367.The StreetsJay-Z & R. Kelly
  129. 368.The TruthTruth Hurts, R Kelly
  130. 369.Thoia Thoing (Remix)R Kelly, Baby, Busta Rhymes
  131. 370.Touchin'R Kelly, Nivea
  132. 371.Tryin' To Get A NumberR Kelly, Nelly
  133. 372.Ucud GeditNelly, Gucci Mane, R. Kelly
  134. 373.Use to Me SpendingR Kelly, Nokio & Jaz-Ming
  135. 374.V.I.P.R Kelly, Tone
  136. 375.We Got 'Em Goin'R Kelly, Memphis Bleek
  137. 376.We RideR. Kelly, Cam'ron, Jay-Z, Noreaga, Vegas Cats
  138. 377.We Takin' Over (Remix)DJ Khaled, Akon, R. Kelly, T-Pain
  139. 378.We ThugginFat Joe, R. Kelly
  140. 379.What Would You Do?The Isley Brothers, R. Kelly
  141. 380.Who's ThatR Kelly, Fat Joe
  142. 381.WonderfulJa Rule, R Kelly, Ashanti
  143. 382.WoozyLudacris, R. Kelly
  144. 383.World CryLloyd, Keri Hilson, Kna'an, R. Kelly


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