Rob Halford Lyrics

This lyrics archive contains a total of 48 song lyrics by artist Rob Halford. 47 of these are songs where Rob Halford perform alone, and 1 are songs where Rob Halford perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Rob Halford at the end of this lyrics archive.

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47 song lyrics with Rob Halford alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1BetrayalRob Halford
  2. 2Beyond the Realms of DeathRob Halford
  3. 3BlackoutRob Halford
  4. 4Breaking the lawRob Halford
  5. 5CrucibleRob Halford
  6. 6CrystalRob Halford
  7. 7CyberworldRob Halford
  8. 8DriveRob Halford
  9. 9Electric eyeRob Halford
  10. 10FugitiveRob Halford
  11. 11GenocideRob Halford
  12. 12GolgothaRob Halford
  13. 13Handing out BulletsRob Halford
  14. 14Heart of a LionRob Halford
  15. 15Hearts of DarknessRob Halford
  16. 16Hell's Last SurvivorRob Halford
  17. 17HereticRob Halford
  18. 18In the MorningRob Halford
  19. 19Into the pitRob Halford
  20. 20JawbreakerRob Halford
  21. 21Life in BlackRob Halford
  22. 22Light Comes out of BlackRob Halford
  23. 23Locked and LoadedRob Halford
  24. 24Made in HellRob Halford
  25. 25Metal GodsRob Halford
  26. 26Nailed to the gunRob Halford
  27. 27Night FallRob Halford
  28. 28One WillRob Halford
  29. 29Prisoner of Your EyesRob Halford
  30. 30ResurrectionRob Halford
  31. 31Riding on the WindRob Halford
  32. 32Running WildRob Halford
  33. 33Sad WingsRob Halford
  34. 34SaviourRob Halford
  35. 35Screaming in the DarkRob Halford
  36. 36SheRob Halford
  37. 37Silent ScreamsRob Halford
  38. 38Slow DownRob Halford
  39. 39Stained ClassRob Halford
  40. 40SunRob Halford
  41. 41TemptationRob Halford
  42. 42The one you Love to HateRob Halford
  43. 43Trail of TearsRob Halford
  44. 44TwistRob Halford
  45. 45TyrantRob Halford
  46. 46Weaving SorrowRob Halford
  47. 47Wrath of GodsRob Halford

1 song lyrics with Rob Halford, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 48Lift Me UpFive Finger Death Punch & Rob Halford


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