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This lyrics archive contain a total of 81 song lyrics by artist Roxy Music. The only performer in all of these lyrics is Roxy Music alone.

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81 song lyrics with Roxy Music alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.2hbRoxy Music
  2. 2.A Really Good TimeRoxy Music
  3. 3.A Song for EuropeRoxy Music
  4. 4.Ain't That soRoxy Music
  5. 5.All I Want is youRoxy Music
  6. 6.Always UnknowingRoxy Music
  7. 7.AmazonaRoxy Music
  8. 8.Angel EyesRoxy Music
  9. 9.AvalonRoxy Music
  10. 10.Beauty QueenRoxy Music
  11. 11.Bitter - SweetRoxy Music
  12. 12.Bitters endRoxy Music
  13. 13.Both Ends BurningRoxy Music
  14. 14.Can't let goRoxy Music
  15. 15.CasanovaRoxy Music
  16. 16.Chance MeetingRoxy Music
  17. 17.Could it Happen to me?Roxy Music
  18. 18.Cry, Cry, cryRoxy Music
  19. 19.Dance AwayRoxy Music
  20. 20.Do the StrandRoxy Music
  21. 21.Editions of YouRoxy Music
  22. 22.Eight Miles HighRoxy Music
  23. 23.End of the LineRoxy Music
  24. 24.Flesh and BloodRoxy Music
  25. 25.Flesh and BloodRoxy Music
  26. 26.For Your PleasureRoxy Music
  27. 27.Grey LagoonsRoxy Music
  28. 28.If it Takes all NightRoxy Music
  29. 29.If There is SomethingRoxy Music
  30. 30.In Every Dream Home a HeartacheRoxy Music
  31. 31.In the Midnight HourRoxy Music
  32. 32.Jealous GuyRoxy Music
  33. 33.Just Another HighRoxy Music
  34. 34.Just Like youRoxy Music
  35. 35.LadytronRoxy Music
  36. 36.Like a HurricaneRoxy Music
  37. 37.Love is the DrugRoxy Music
  38. 38.LoverRoxy Music
  39. 39.ManifestoRoxy Music
  40. 40.More Than ThisRoxy Music
  41. 41.Mother of PearlRoxy Music
  42. 42.My Little GirlRoxy Music
  43. 43.My Only LoveRoxy Music
  44. 44.NightingaleRoxy Music
  45. 45.No Strange DelightRoxy Music
  46. 46.Oh YeahRoxy Music
  47. 47.Out of the BlueRoxy Music
  48. 48.Over YouRoxy Music
  49. 49.Prairie RoseRoxy Music
  50. 50.PsalmRoxy Music
  51. 51.PyjamaramaRoxy Music
  52. 52.Rain Rain RainRoxy Music
  53. 53.Re-Make/Re-ModelRoxy Music
  54. 54.Running WildRoxy Music
  55. 55.Same old SceneRoxy Music
  56. 56.Sea BreezesRoxy Music
  57. 57.Sentimental FoolRoxy Music
  58. 58.SerenadeRoxy Music
  59. 59.She SellsRoxy Music
  60. 60.Spin me RoundRoxy Music
  61. 61.Still Falls the RainRoxy Music
  62. 62.Street LifeRoxy Music
  63. 63.Strictly ConfidentialRoxy Music
  64. 64.Stronger Through the YearsRoxy Music
  65. 65.SunsetRoxy Music
  66. 66.Take a Chance with meRoxy Music
  67. 67.TaraRoxy Music
  68. 68.The bob (Medley)Roxy Music
  69. 69.The Bogus manRoxy Music
  70. 70.The Main ThingRoxy Music
  71. 71.The Space BetweenRoxy Music
  72. 72.The Thrill of it allRoxy Music
  73. 73.Three and NineRoxy Music
  74. 74.To Turn you onRoxy Music
  75. 75.TrashRoxy Music
  76. 76.TriptychRoxy Music
  77. 77.True to LifeRoxy Music
  78. 78.Virginia PlainRoxy Music
  79. 79.While my Heart is Still BeatingRoxy Music
  80. 80.WhirlwindRoxy Music
  81. 81.Would you Believe?Roxy Music


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