S.A.S. Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 25 song lyrics by S.A.S.. 11 of these are songs where S.A.S. perform alone, and 14 are songs where S.A.S. perform together with other artists. See other artists related to S.A.S. at the end of this lyrics archive.

11 songs with S.A.S. alone

Song Name
  1. 1.A.T.M.
  2. 2.Beyond Deep
  3. 3.Can You Feel Me
  4. 4.Cheerio
  5. 5.Coming To America
  6. 6.Diamonds Aren't Forver
  7. 7.I've Bin Waiting
  8. 8.On Dem Roads
  9. 9.Rock 'N' Roll
  10. 10.Tarrantula
  11. 11.Top Of the Globe

14 songs with S.A.S., and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 12.Cru LoveS.A.S., Jay-Z
  2. 13.Doing FineS.A.S., Haze
  3. 14.Don't Even Think About ItS.A.S., Mayhem, Mega
  4. 15.Dutty ClapS.A.S., Jim Jones
  5. 16.Gangsta Shit (Remix)S.A.S., Juelz Santana
  6. 17.I Ain't Inna ThatS.A.S., Slick Pulla
  7. 18.Nothing Long (Remix)S.A.S., Cam'ron
  8. 19.One SpliffWiz Khalifa, S.A.S., Malik MD7, Calliko, Versa Beatz
  9. 20.Reservoir DogsS.A.S., Ru Spits
  10. 21.So FreeS.A.S., Cam'ron
  11. 22.Still WishS.A.S., Joey Evans
  12. 23.To Be A HustlerS.A.S., Bugz
  13. 24.Ur In Da ArmyS.A.S., Juelz Santana
  14. 25.Why TryJ.R. Writer, S.A.S.