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Lyrics in Album We Are Not Your Kind (2019)

There is a total of 14 lyrics in Album We Are Not Your Kind (2019). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Insert CoinSlipknot
  2. 2UnsaintedSlipknot
  3. 3Birth Of The CruelSlipknot
  4. 4Death Because Of DeathSlipknot
  5. 5Nero ForteSlipknot
  6. 6Critical DarlingSlipknot
  7. 7A Liar's FuneralSlipknot
  8. 8Red FlagSlipknot
  9. 9SpidersSlipknot
  10. 10OrphanSlipknot
  11. 11My PainSlipknot
  12. 12Not Long For This WorldSlipknot
  13. 13Solway FirthSlipknot
  14. 14All Out LifeSlipknot


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