Goodbye Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Goodbye as performed by Slipknot

Lyrics to song Goodbye by Slipknot

Come on over
Come unglued
It's not easy
To see all of you

Help yourselves
Help is on the way
Well there's nothing to lose
So now, I have something to say

Maybe we can all recognize a moment of silence
Maybe we can finally agree on the same point of view
A long time ago we believed and we were united
So the last thing on Earth I am ready to do is say goodbye

A long time ago we discovered that nothing could stop us
This hasn't torn us apart, so nothing ever will
How can we know where we are if the sun is behind us?
But this moment will show us the rest of our lives
No one is going to save us this time
No one can know what we're feeling.
So don't even try


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