Cadillacs Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Cadillacs as performed by Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Cadillacs by Snoop Dogg

Hook x2:
Cadillacs, croker sacks
501's, policies_?_ and golf hats
I go see, the homies is deep
Banging out, hanging out onto our street
Rules of the game, if you choose to bang
You can't be a snitch, don't be a bitch, nigga, make your name

I remember when I was young, I had a whole lot of fun
My mama bought me everything, even a toy gun
Coming when it's dezark, I'm up with the pizark
Playing quarterback and it's a must that I stezart
And I'm a fool on point like a dezart
And with the little mamas yea I'm breaking the hezeart
You know, time won't tell
Half of my homies is dead or in jail
So I'mma stick to the script like OG go-carts
Bitches scrap on, stole me out, you got no heart


Footwear shit, yeah nigga, I'm in it
Authentic, business, I represent it
To the tippy, keep it so crippy
Smoke a whole zippy, put bread to the Skippy
Bow Wow yippie, long stocking like Pippy
Real G's fuck with me
Rare breed, different cut
West coast motherfuckers get up
Zip, yeah



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