Full Of That Shit Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Full Of That Shit as performed by Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Full Of That Shit by Snoop Dogg

The boss in the building, feeling so cold
If this was Houston I'd be feeling so throwed
I'mma stand up, you better man up
Who going home with Dogg?
Put your hands up
Puff pass and slide, you know the deal ho
I'm 10 shots in, that's on the real though
I got money love, and I ain't never scared
Watch your bitch mayne, it's pimping everywhere
I got a lot of bad ones, yeah you see the troops
They get to popping off, until they see it's Snoop
I'm loc'd out, the vodka all in me
Baby got the henney, and we from rolling twenties_?_
Turn it up boy, high as a bitch too_?_
That Obama kush, that'll fix you
You better get em' mayne, I'm fucking all chicks
I'm off the wall bitch, I'm full of that shit

If you see me in the club and you know I'm turnt up
But your bitch keep looking at me
Yeah you better tell her keep her eyes on the motherfucking prize
Before you come fucking with me
Cause I'm full of that shit
I'm full of that shit
I'm full of that shit
I'm full of that shit

Eyes so glassy
Bitch in the club, tryna harass me
I'm a taxi
I take her home, like a dog do
And cover everything, like a fog do
Bottle after bottle, nigga I'm turnt up
My eyes getting low, swisher burnt up
These hoes on one, tryna press a player
Balling overseas, nigga I'm heavy there
Leaning to the side, mixing all drinks
Dubs up in here, like a gold mink
This long beach bitch, d-o-double-g
Since 93', on top of V.I.P
Watch your look mayne, the stare make it worse
I understand I'm famous, but I'm a gangster first
You better get him mayne, I'll beat his ass quick
I'm off the wall bitch, I'm full of that shit


Got my rag hanging, like Snoopy do
Sound like a hater, like Snoopy who?
The homies all in, niggas deep as fuck
Super s_?_ with vodka, niggas creeping up
Fire it up, go on pass it round
I smell the kush fool, I'm like a basset hound
Yeah I'm rich, nigga and what?
Still ?'d up, nigga that's what's up
Pour some more in, cause I can handle that
I'm in a Pontiac, she said where the phantom at
Bitch you got me fucked up
I do this for me, I don't do it for any slut
Like a b I don't do this for any butt
I do this for the c, and my niggas up in the cut
It's Snoopy D-o-g and I turn it up in the club
I'm high as a bitch, and full of that shit



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