Happy Birthday Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Happy Birthday as performed together by Snoop Dogg&Daz

Lyrics to song Happy Birthday by Snoop Dogg feat. Daz

Early in the morning
Smoking them blunts
Jump up out my bed
What the fuck you want?
Roll me a ?
We ?
Twisted dreads in my head
Nigga just like that
Count my cheese up
Big big money
Oh, I'm on the move
Ain't a damn thing funny
I really don't lose much
When I'm in the streets nigga
Point ? drugs
How the fuck you figure nigga
Yeah, I'm successful
Every single day, bitch
Admit it, I'm the best dog/doe_?_
Just cause we rich trick
Always so fresh doe
Every single way
And represent the west coast
Every single day
Internationally known
All around the world
Hit me on the cell phone
I'll fuck your girl
And hit you right back
Then hang up in your face
Unless I'm getting sprayed

I'll take my cake to go
Happy birthday
I'll take my cake to go
Happy birthday
What's your side girl?
Happy birthday

? It's one of those days
A throwback Thursday
Wanna do it your way?
Burger King bitch
I told her she was special
Oh you know you're ? one
Until she almost bust a vessel
Doctor, doctor
I told her, come on girl let's get it in
Cmon, get in
And cut out all the bitching
Hush yo mouth
Turn it up girl, and just listen
Bang bang
And a ? gangster we got straight pimpin' ?

Hook x3

Outro with Hook


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