Let Bygones Be Bygones Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Let Bygones Be Bygones as performed together by Snoop Dogg&Arian Foster

Lyrics to song Let Bygones Be Bygones by Snoop Dogg feat. Arian Foster

Snoop Dogg & {Arian Foster}:
{I mean, you still got a good relationship with him today?}
Me and Suge cool as a motherfucker
I'm cool with Suge' I'm cool with Master P' Dr. Dre
I'm cool with everybody
{Yeah, I mean, how could you not be cool with Snoop?}
But I had to go get that cool with him
I had to go sit down with Suge

Snoop Dogg:
On Crip' that was my nigga
18-years-old, lost and locin'
Crack money had a nigga open
Hopin' that that rap shit wasn't just cap shit
G'd up and know Dre, okay that's cool
But that's old news to niggas like us
'Cause if so' he would've signed us off top
But bro' stay solid so I'ma stay solid to that
Studio every night, to the early morn'
Bloods and Crips all moving on one accord
Cuz did that, took Death Row to the top, my boys did that
Caught that case, came out safe, Bloods did that (Suwoop)
So through the ups and the downs
Real ones know not to kick niggas when they down
Especially when we was down, that nigga picked niggas up
Gangbang on NY stages, hit niggas up (Death Row)
Y'all remember that? (Yup)
Yeah, he did some bullshit, I'm admitting that
But coming at a real Crip like he ain't one
Especially when he help fucking make one
On the dead homies, I was at the motherfucking top
When I hit my nigga up and said, "You need to grab 'Pac"
Told Daz, "Hook him up," brought straight up out the box
Here's the gang, here's the beats
Here's the keys, here's the locks
Then he hid them niggas (Yes, sir)
It was us Cuz, look around it still is, just us Cuz (Yeah)
Dre rich, Nate gone, and Ricky too
And look at me, shit, I'm 'bout to turn 50 soon
You always said I'd be a star in the game (Game)
Now I got a star on the fucking Walk of Fame (Yes, sir)
I hopped out and C-walked on my star on the Walk of Fame
In that motherfucking Death Row chain, nigga

Snoop Dogg:
I know you seen that
A lot of motherfuckers don't know
Shit nigga, we been cool
This man changed my life (My life)
Shit, nigga, we made history together
I'm talking about real history, nigga
Like when they write the history books they gonna look at this shit like The Great Depression
You know the stock exchange
This shit is historic, man
Death Row Records, baby, we did that shit, nigga
Suge Knight, real nigga man
Thinking about all the great shit you did nigga
Let bygones be bygones
Yeah, what up Dre? Daz, Kurupt, what up though?
Lady of Rage, RBX, D.O.C
Nate Dogg, rest in peace
Ricky Harris, rest in peace
DJ Warren G, Dr. Dre
City of Compton, City of Long Beach
Death Row Records will go down in history, nigga
We did that, yeah, nigga, we did that


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