Never Had It Like This Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Never Had It Like This as performed together by Snoop Dogg&Warren G&T Fly

Lyrics to song Never Had It Like This by Snoop Dogg feat. Warren G&T Fly

You never had it like this
You never had it like this
You go get another if you want

You never had it like a nigga finna give it
You'll love it in a minute
Glass so full, team got pull_?_ with c club full of women
You never had it like a nigga finna give it
You love it when I'm in it
Glass so full, team got pull with a club full of women
That's how we living

T Fly:
Girl I do you the way, you want me to
Put them panties right to a side
I ain't got a problem picking you down ?
Keep going I have to tell your homegirl, do you over
The best it's on the west side baby
And these niggas over here keep you goin crazy
Yeah, yeah


Snoop Dogg:
Walked in the club with it
Gave her straight dick, you in love with her
My homie G-d up at the club with her
Eight seven six months, sold drugs with her
A good girl, is what she wants, no molly, no drink, and no bud
So I don't really wanna try to learn you on
A lot of things I'm tryna do is just to turn you on
If I can get you to my flat on my futon
Take your dress ? off slow and get my groove on
Hit you with the bife ? face
Stick it to the baby in the right place


Warren G:
On the roof top she gonna need that
Eighty seven was wild I use to be that
I'm givin the D she giving feed-back
The homies is wild, where the weed at?
And where the home girls? I don't even know
I had two off they cushing ? Moscato
A ratchet or a model, we drinking out the bottle
My whole act to follow, more booze than Apollo ?
Yeah I'm a G I'm a monster baby
I ain't see that piece of ass I can't conquer baby
Probably hiding on these hoes like a jack rabbit
Snoop and Warren on these hose back to back in it

Hook x2


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