That's My Work 3 (2014) (Mixtape) Lyrics Album

Discography of songs as they appear in Album That's My Work 3 (2014) (Mixtape). This is a collection of song lyrics where the following artists perform: Snoop Dogg (perform in 10 of these lyrics), Daz (perform in 3 of these lyrics), Kali Uchis (perform in 1 of these lyrics), and 3 others. This archive of lyrics is maintained by Party 🎈 Cipant of Reality.

Song name
  1. 1.Pop Pop Bang
  2. 2.Happy Birthday
  3. 3.Dick Walk
  4. 4.Full Of That Shit
  5. 5.Never Had It Like This
  6. 6.Phenomeon
  7. 7.On Edge
  8. 8.Talkin' Loud
  9. 9.Weed N Wax
  10. 10.Cadillacs