Hi 2 you Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Hi 2 you as performed by Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Hi 2 you by Snoop Dogg


A brother sayin hi to you
I really wouldn't lie to you
I wanna be inside of you
Inside of you, what you tryna do
A brother sayin hi to you
I really wouldn't lie to you
I wanna be inside of you
And after I do, goodbye to you

Verse 1:

Wash my clothes fo' sho', hook up the kitchen
Suck me dry, let's get high, then wash the dishes
You get three wishes if you're cute and ambitious
Like Tisha and Denisha, boy them chickens was vicious
Wicked, how I kick it, I stick it in the ah
Oops, slid it on the accident
But, when I first met her she was so innocent
So it made no sense why she did that for the hell of it
We did it on the wall, me and my dogg
And I met her at the mall
Lakewood, so good, when I be inside of you
I'm just tryna freak it, make it fly for you
Make you wanna come back and get another piece
And share with your peoples and tell your little niece
My khackis heavy creased with the rubber in my pocket
Ride it, divide it, and please don't
knock it til you tried it


Verse 2:

Ay ay, baby who you wit cause your thang like tendin girl
Get it wit your fit in, and welcome to my world
Fancy cars, yachts n pools, basketball
courts that's made for high schools
Backyard full of dogs, got a pond full of fish
but a bad girl that's thick that's all
that's missin from my list
Unless you wanna be the girl that fill that void
And roll with a real G homeboy
I take you where you wanna be
And I strip you buttnaked right in front of me
Make her hop, beauty for that there, can see
On the floor, at the mo' gettin low
Two thirty real dirty and we ain't leavin till fo'
close the do' and turn off the lights
I love it when ya coochie be extra tight
Got you screamin dynamite, like Jay Jay
Hey hey, girl that's what happenin'


Verse 3:

I had a chick named Charmane, she loved champagne
What a little twist of ding-a-lang
She wadn't from America, so she couldn't speak English
I wipped out my siz-ack and baby spoked dinglish
Reminds me of this other freak, that I bumped in Frisco
Same week bust another one up in Fresno
Hey ya'know, it seems that they knew what time it was
I gotta glass of Hurricane, to get them all buzz
Had them doin all types of craziness
And one freak said "All I wanna do is
give the homegirl head"
I flipped, for a second, look here I wrecked it
Thank God I had that Po' Broke and Lonely Record
Baby was twisted, in case you missed it
See we gone keep this on the DL, It's our lil' secret
I won't tell, if you won't tell, see
Cause you gone work your thang, BANG BANG

Chorus 3x

See ya, good-bye (till' fade)