Hooked Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Hooked as performed by Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Hooked by Snoop Dogg

Hey yo, Soopafly
These niggaz act like they
don't know my motherfuckin'
name (gangsta)
Hmm...ain't that a trip
Now I put half these niggaz on
(ain't that something)

Snoop D-O double G (from the DP)

Niggaz wasn't even rapping till I came out
You know what I'm sayin?
Y'all know what time it is


Every nigga in this rap
game, to the dope game
Now I got the hook up on the
dodo, for sure tho'
But I'm not a weed seller, but
a crocka sack beller
A rap star plus a 2 time felon
Sellin' phones out the
trunk I mix G with funk
I put it all together, and
rock it till it chump
Then bag it up and sag it up and then serve
I'm always on the pager, never on the curb
I'm big time, get mine, stay
down for the grizind
I keep it gangsta, nigga, all the tizime
Ask them niggaz, from way down South (who?)
The boys right there with
the gold in they mouth
They'll tell ya (tell ya)
There ain't no bullshit to sell ya
Snoop D-O double G who wannabes wannabe
I got love for my folkers out in 'Lejo
And all my soldiers
gettin' busy down in N-O
Gangsta's, get respect from me
And all you other niggaz
gettin' checked by me
That's on the C, DPG will never break up
There's too much
motherfuckin' paper to cake
That's on me (DPG)
Now what?

Chorus X3

Now all the bitches if you
with me, come get me
I'm in room 210, don't
forget to bring the gin
That's the old fashion way, and
bring a friend with ya
So when I'm through with ya she can hit ya
Shit I ain't trippin'
I'm dippin'
There's money to be made
It's funny how she layed
when I told her she couldn't
Look here, my boo'll be through
So you gotta raise, boy game pays
On the next phase, gotta show to do at 4
Then I'm headed right back to the studio
If you need the hook up
Give a nigga a holla
I slide through your hood,
in the gold impala
Drop off a sack, then I head right back
And I hope I don't get
jacked, cause you know I'm
ridin' strapped
But if the boys decide to pull me over loc
They recognize my face, and so they go
Gangsta's get respect ya see
All y'all other niggaz
gettin' shook like fleas
That's on the C
DPG will never break up
There's too much
motherfuckin' paper to cake
That's on me

Chorus X4

Dogg Pound Gangsta's
Say it with me
Say it with me
Say it with me
Say it for me
Right back at ya
Who go the hook up?
I do
I got the hook up
I got the hook up
If ya need it
I got the hook up
That's gangsta
Straight up
Doggy Dogg

Chorus X5

Ain't No Limit to this shit
Ain't No Limit to this shit nigga
Straight up
That's gangsta
And we out