Issues Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Issues as performed by Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Issues by Snoop Dogg

Bow Wow
Dogg House
Oh serious
I heard that
So I didn't know about all that
Keep my industry as much as possible
Snoop Dogg
Found out, found out
On all ya'll niggas
Check me out homie

Everywhere I go
I got niggas and bitches on my
dick trying to take my shit
Now, I don't really know
But I try to keep my head to the skitta
Slice my piece of hitta
Whatcha hating for?
You better get up, get out and
get your own, Nigga
Pick up the phone and holla at your folks
Young locs in the hood, mashing Dogg House
Fuck them other fools
D-O-double G
Kick back, blaze the sack
I catch a muthafucking big, Mack Attack
We blazing up the dogg
It'll hurt you
Nothing but purple in my circle
To the day we die
We don't get money, bitches and high
Dogg House Gangsta Crip
Right back in your muthafucking
ass for the R-2-G, bitch
What ya'll wanna do?
Seems like niggas wanna talk all night
What we gonna do?
We ain't gonna say nothing
more, we gonna get with ya'll,
on side
That's how suppose to see
So all that straggling in the gate
trying to get close to me
Ya'll niggas need to stop
Trying to flip the hip hop scrip
I snap and crackling POP
Tell your friends and folks
It's a whole new year and situation
and I'm still hating hoes
Will it ever stop?
Look I really don't know but on
the up I doubt that, loc
Now what about your hood?
Man, I'm doing mine they're doing there's
So I guess It's all good
And, what about your crew?
Shit, my crew it's +Tha Eastsidaz+
Fool, I thought u knew
Dogg Pound ain't the same?
Yeah, them niggas split up and
did they own thang and went
made their own gang
Money is thicker than water?
That's fuck up but on the real
that's how it is cuz, damn
The world just ain't the same?
And come to find out this
niggas crossing out my
muthafucking name
So what am I to do?
I put it on mind continue to shine
Everything fine
In G-O-D we trust
That's why ya'll suckers can't
"Touch us, Touch us"
Meech u made the beat
And you know when we get together
Shit, we like bread and meat
We coming with the heat
Close your mouth cause Dogg
House is definitely turning
it out
And what about the cop?
I pay them and the ones I
didn't I slaved them, haha
Will it ever stop?
It's like asking "Who is it"
before a nigga even knock
The game is here to stay?
And I'm here to change the
rules cause I'm a player that
loves to play
Did you thank the lord today?
Think I did and on that note
young loc, I'm getting dose
Why you tell the truth?
Cause I'm hundred twenty proof
from the turf to the roof
Bigg Snoop