Snoop's Upside Your Head Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Snoop's Upside Your Head as performed by Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Snoop's Upside Your Head by Snoop Dogg

I think it's bout' time
that we hit these n***as
the head with some of
that west coast
gangsta' sh.........

1st Verse:
It's a whole 'nother day
I'm back up in ya'
Snoop D-O-Double G
I representa'
Been away for a while
but you all know
I'm still doggystylin' on Death Row
Got shit locked down
Sewed up
So If you plan on comin'
out nigga hold up.
This a stick up
dick up
They got yo' shit on the
shelf, oh mine is too
and guess who they gon' pick up?
Some niggas think they
know they shit
But they don't
Some M-A's escape
Some won't
Bumpin' heads with niggas
Where you from?
East Side Long Beach, nigga, 2-1
The homie just got paroled
And he got more stories than
the highway patrol
Tellin' me about the money
Suge Knight stole
But I'll make that shit late
Cause nigga I get swole
Niggas tryin' to get in, to get out.
Put me up on game tellin'
me who gon' jack me
But ever since
I was a puppy
till I was paroled
I never had no other dog
pullin' on my chrome.

Say Snoop's upside yo' head,
say Snoop's upside yo' head. 4x

2nd Verse:
Niggas in the game be
doin' way too much
Akin' tough with this
east-west coast stuff.
See Me
I'm all about my money mane
I stay fly and dry
I don't get caught up in the rain
Cuz game recognize game
No matter where you from
We all can get dumb, insane and
turn the party out
without a doubt
you them niggas who
ain't got no clout
LBC and B what?
Uh, my crew
Cuz uh, we out there
smokin' on the krazy glue
Upside yo' head like oops
The shit, that you hear
them bumpin' in the
Can't afford it
This is finished
I represented
From V-A to Venice
So when it's timid
And cold outside
Rely on the Doggy Dogg
To put the heat in yo' life


3rd Verse:
It takes a whole lot
to be number one
I can't walk down the street
without my gun
I can't trust these niggas fool
It ain't no fun
I'm sittin' up in court
Cuz somebody got dumped
What really counts is how
the crowd bounce
Go home and say
Snoop rocked the parte`
Nobody got kilt
It's what got annouced
I guess they got a chance
to see Dr. Bombay
But I keep my heat in
case niggas get cold
Warm you up with the sheet
Zip you up and roll
Now Doggystyle records
is now official
Gettin' money at the
Pliz-ate with my initials
Shippin' weapons overseas
I'm makin' G's
What who you make call enemies
But I
See nothing funny about
makin' money
Cuz uh
We all know it don't grow on trees
So I
Gotta' get what I
gotta' get when I can
Up homie in the mo'ning
wit' the gat van
Burning rubber down to get a new car
So don't get jealous when
you see me in the
double R.

Chorus (3x)