Mean Mug Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Mean Mug as performed together by Soulja Boy&50 Cent

Soulja Boy:
My flow sicker, your dough thick, well my dough thicker
You talk shit I will kick your door nigga
I call my goons, my brand new chopper is coming soon

50 cent:
AK47 got them dialing 9-11
I pull that trigger, you fuck with my lil nigga
I come through get ya, hop out them hollow's hit ya
Keep thinking it's a game, nigga's ain't playing

Soulja Boy:
Soulja Boy I'll bust your brain
A nigga talking all that shit
Y'all niggas cannot represent
Fucking with the youngest killer, youngest gorilla nigga
Split ya I deal with ya

50 cent:
Knife sticker, ice picker, run for ya life nigga
I won't tell ya twice
Bitch go run do the dougie, all the gangsta's they love me
These hoes they be all on me
They can't help that they want me
They want me back

Soulja Boy:
I'm on another level, bitch you heard me say that do you
SOD I never mentioned you cause you not worthy

50 cent:
Yeah, we royalty don't talk to me
Bitch you not worthy

Chorus: Soulja Boy
Mean mug, nigga you gon mug who?
Rob me? nigga we gon rob you
Choppers on me, niggas we don't give a fuck
I'm in the club, nigga fuck your mean mugs
Fuck your mean mugs
Nigga fuck your mean mug
Fuck your mean mug
Nigga fuck your mean mug
Fuck your mean mug
Nigga fuck your mean mug
Fuck your mean mug
Nigga fuck your mean mug

50 cent:
When I'm trippin' I'm twisted, I slap my clip in
When I flip, hoe duck down when I start gettin'
I'm iced out, bitch my neck and my ears drippin'
I lost count all this paper I be gettin'

Soulja Boy:
Any fucking game nigga pass me the ball
And watch a nigga ball, I'm Gucci to the draws
I'm money over all, I don't really give a fuck
Tatted on my neck and throat and them girls lick me up

50 cent:
Lick me up til I pop shawty swallow evry drop
From the balls to the top
She must do this shit a lot
She's a freak she's a pro
Got that paper it's a go
Bring the Kush, bring the dro
She might bless ya on the low

Soulja Boy:
Man, That's why I pick you up off the ground
If you make a fucking sound
Disrespect my fucking crew
Bitch is you fucking clown
Get the fuck back nigga
We up in the club
High as fuck, talk shit and you gon get dropped


Yeah, misery loves company nigga
I send you to see your dead motherfucking homies

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