For The Kids, By The Kids Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song For The Kids, By The Kids as performed by Stick To Your Guns

Lyrics to song For The Kids, By The Kids by Stick To Your Guns

The more I live my life the more I start to see it from a new light
The more I see this disease transfer from you to me
But I cant see why we need to create and make all this hate
Because this place wasn't shaped for us to bruise and break
This is for the kids who wont quit and continue to lay the bricks
And add to this creation and don't shake its foundation
For the ones who still have their self respect for the ones
Who break their neck to hold us up for those who wont for ones who us hope
For the ones who put there heart in from the start
Were all brothers we should be here for each other
This our home this is a place for us to feel safe this cant be replaced
For the kids by the kids


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