Life In A Box Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Life In A Box as performed by Stick To Your Guns

Lyrics to song Life In A Box by Stick To Your Guns

I can't imagine how terrifying it must be
To live your life in a box scared shitless of everything
You're the product of the world that's fed to you
You hate those who live a life you're not used to

You're looking for more
You follow a whore
On fire for Christ but your life is lukewarm
Evil and foul to the lives you dismiss
And I hate the fact that I let myself be pushed to this

This is a place of acceptance
Not a place of repentance
So save your breathe
You homophobic shithead

One day you will pay your debt but until then
I'll fight to undo every word that you've said

And every time you lift your hand to cast your stone
I'll find you and shove it back down your throat

I'm through acting civil
Now you know how I feel


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