Switch My Style Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Switch My Style as performed by Styles P

Yo supaaa!!!

give me a g-u-n
and some s-m-o-k-e
I'm on the b-l-o-c-k (the block)
Wit a g-l-o-c-k (glock)
wit my bad bitch, and she came from B-K
heard about the work, and they ran and told the DA
DA told the feds how I had it out in VA
now I'm on the l-o-w
shits fucked up cuz all I tried to do was b-l-o-w
hate them r-a-t's
give me a m-a-c
I'll make them motherfuckas RIP
I'm in the h double o d
it's g double o d
I ain't a B or a C
but you can believe I'm a OG
My W double E D in a O-Z
7-6-0-L-I and I'm lowkey
S Dot, P Dot, w-w-w dot com Cocksucka
I'mma let the heat pop


got to switch my style
a lot of niggaz bitin it
they shit sound like mine
I might as well be writin it
got to switch my style
a lotta niggaz lickin cock
frontin like the ghost
but them niggaz wouldn't lick a shot
got to switch my style
it's a thousand lil me's
only thing, I'm majorin
them motherfuckas lil league
got to switch my style
before I got to body sumttin
nigga you ain't styles
why you actin like you'll body sumttin

Till I D-E-I in the middle
I'm hoppin out the sunroof
so I'mma play the backseat, ride in the middle
on my justin timberlake shit
cry me a river
but niggaz need they throats cut
slide me the scizzors
no dare testin us
and niggaz call me glade
cuz if I don't get paid, I spray like air freshners
a lot of niggaz sound like I
they don't get down like I
i got the urge to tre-pound they eye
from the first to the third, I can give u my word
we got birds, not da type that fly around in the sky
and I'm just tryin to get in my place
do my thing, while y'all tryin to be kings
I'm steady shootin for ace
and my hoodie stay on
and the boots is laced
violate - you couldn't take what I'd do to your face


I'm from 3 5 4
with a 9 m m
on my 38 waist
and the 5 5 benz
get it for 17
sell it for 28
if the money ain't straight
they gunnin them 38's
it's 17 up in my glock
4 dutches a box
4 different drugs they sell in the spot
and 9 1 1 mean they callin the cops
we get the 4 1 1 from the fiend off the block
I got a spot where its 40 a bag
niggaz old school, still drink 40z
keep stows in they rag
bust off the 40 cal soon as they point at the fag
so it cost P nuttin just to 1 ya ass



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