The Key Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song The Key as performed by Styles P

Focusin' when I wanna quit
understand I was raised on some other shit
what's the pain to ya'?
what's the name to ya'?
what's shame to ya'?
what's the game and the fame to ya'?
these is the questions that I ask myself
like the haze and the hashy for help
or courvoisier straight
a parking lot full of thugs parkin' in late

Make moves but take time like a chess piece
before I start the car, four dimes to the chest piece
windows ain't the only things tinted
niggas is too, I been trynna blow
but it may take me a minute
shit, time is money though
I'm on the low but my ghost actin' funny though
he sayin' chill nigga
now you could build or you could kill nigga
that depend on your will nigga, my
reply is to thrill nigga
I be seekin' adventure
if I kill a stun 5 that'll weaken they venture?
see time in another frame
and I'm thirsty for knowledge
would it really mean my mind got a hunger pain?
could it shine when it come to rain?
and could rain when it shine once in a while
to keep me on a humble plain?

Honor and respect
lama in the bama check the drama in a sec'
thinkin' 'bout the days when we blew chocolate
gin and tonic till the death
and niggas grew up fast and threw up cash
to get sneakers, cars and clothes and who want blast?
and this is our life we live this nigga
sound trife but we did this nigga
just to breath out here is a motherfuckin' privelage nigga

Maintain perseverance through the hard times
but is it hard if I ain't doing hard time?
work your ear, hard rhymes through the god mind
best on the street and I only do it part time
flow is just the tip of the iceberg
low when I'm spittin' them nice words
get dough when I'm hittin' them right curbs
live off a principle nigga
complex but I try to keep it simple my nigga
I got to work on my physical and mental my nigga
nowadays they bust shots at your temple my nigga
I said the streets don't love you back
so I sleep with a eye open, hug my gat
I'm a ride for my man, I'm a thug like that
it's family first
it's goin' down I'm a blam you first
step back you see the man in work (you know?)

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