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This lyrics archive contains a total of 110 song lyrics by artist Taylor Swift. 105 of these are songs where Taylor Swift perform alone, and 5 are songs where Taylor Swift perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Taylor Swift at the end of this lyrics archive.

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105 song lyrics by Taylor Swift

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 122Taylor Swift
  2. 2A Perfectly Good HeartTaylor Swift
  3. 3A Place in This WorldTaylor Swift
  4. 4All Too WellTaylor Swift
  5. 5Am I Ready for LoveTaylor Swift
  6. 6American BoyTaylor Swift
  7. 7American GirlTaylor Swift
  8. 8Baby, Don't You Break my Heart SlowTaylor Swift
  9. 9Back to DecemberTaylor Swift
  10. 10Bad BloodTaylor Swift
  11. 11Beautiful EyesTaylor Swift
  12. 12Begin AgainTaylor Swift
  13. 13Being With my BabyTaylor Swift
  14. 14Better Than RevengeTaylor Swift
  15. 15Blank SpaceTaylor Swift
  16. 16BreatheTaylor Swift
  17. 17BreathlessTaylor Swift
  18. 18Can I Go With YouTaylor Swift
  19. 19ChangeTaylor Swift
  20. 20Christmas Must Be Something MoreTaylor Swift
  21. 21Christmases When You Were MineTaylor Swift
  22. 22Cold as YouTaylor Swift
  23. 23Come Back... Be HereTaylor Swift
  24. 24Come in With the RainTaylor Swift
  25. 25CrazierTaylor Swift
  26. 26Crazier (From the movie Hannah Montana)Taylor Swift
  27. 27Dark Blue TennesseeTaylor Swift
  28. 28Dear JohnTaylor Swift
  29. 29EnchantedTaylor Swift
  30. 30FearlessTaylor Swift
  31. 31FifteenTaylor Swift
  32. 32Forever & AlwaysTaylor Swift
  33. 33Forever & Always (Piano Version)Taylor Swift
  34. 34Girl At HomeTaylor Swift
  35. 35Going Louder FolksTaylor Swift
  36. 36HauntedTaylor Swift
  37. 37Hey StephenTaylor Swift
  38. 38Holy GroundTaylor Swift
  39. 39I Almost DoTaylor Swift
  40. 40I Heart ? (QuestionMark)Taylor Swift
  41. 41I Knew You Were TroubleTaylor Swift
  42. 42I'd LieTaylor Swift
  43. 43I'm Only me When I'm With YouTaylor Swift
  44. 44If This Was a MovieTaylor Swift
  45. 45InnocentTaylor Swift
  46. 46Innocent (Phineas and Ferb Inspired Version)Taylor Swift
  47. 47InvisibleTaylor Swift
  48. 48Jump Then FallTaylor Swift
  49. 49Last ChristmasTaylor Swift
  50. 50Last KissTaylor Swift
  51. 51Long LiveTaylor Swift
  52. 52Love StoryTaylor Swift
  53. 53Lucky YouTaylor Swift
  54. 54Mary's Song (Oh my my my)Taylor Swift
  55. 55MeanTaylor Swift
  56. 56MineTaylor Swift
  57. 57Monologue Song (La La La)Taylor Swift
  58. 58Never Grow UpTaylor Swift
  59. 59New RomanticsTaylor Swift
  60. 60Our Last NightTaylor Swift
  61. 61Our SongTaylor Swift
  62. 62OursTaylor Swift
  63. 63Permanent MarkerTaylor Swift
  64. 64Picture to BurnTaylor Swift
  65. 65RedTaylor Swift
  66. 66Sad Beautiful TragicTaylor Swift
  67. 67Santa BabyTaylor Swift
  68. 68Shake It OffTaylor Swift
  69. 69Should've Said NoTaylor Swift
  70. 70Silent NightTaylor Swift
  71. 71Sparks FlyTaylor Swift
  72. 72Speak NowTaylor Swift
  73. 73StarlightTaylor Swift
  74. 74State Of GraceTaylor Swift
  75. 75Stay BeautifulTaylor Swift
  76. 76Stay Stay StayTaylor Swift
  77. 77Still an InnocentTaylor Swift
  78. 78SupermanTaylor Swift
  79. 79SuperstarTaylor Swift
  80. 80Sweet Tea and God's GracesTaylor Swift
  81. 81Teardrops on my GuitarTaylor Swift
  82. 82Tell me WhyTaylor Swift
  83. 83The Best DayTaylor Swift
  84. 84The Lucky OneTaylor Swift
  85. 85The Moment I KnewTaylor Swift
  86. 86The Other Side of the DoorTaylor Swift
  87. 87The OutsideTaylor Swift
  88. 88The Story of UsTaylor Swift
  89. 89The Way I Loved YouTaylor Swift
  90. 90This is Really HappeningTaylor Swift
  91. 91Tied Together With a SmileTaylor Swift
  92. 92Tim McGrawTaylor Swift
  93. 93Today Was a FairytaleTaylor Swift
  94. 94TreacherousTaylor Swift
  95. 95UntouchableTaylor Swift
  96. 96We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherTaylor Swift
  97. 97We Were HappyTaylor Swift
  98. 98What to WearTaylor Swift
  99. 99White ChristmasTaylor Swift
  100. 100White HorseTaylor Swift
  101. 101Wildest DreamsTaylor Swift
  102. 102You Belong With meTaylor Swift
  103. 103You're Not SorryTaylor Swift
  104. 104Your AnythingTaylor Swift
  105. 105Your FaceTaylor Swift

5 songs with Taylor Swift and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 106Both Of UsB.O.B ft. Taylor Swift
  2. 107Everything Has ChangedTaylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran
  3. 108The Last TimeTaylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody
  4. 109Thug StoryTaylor Swift ft. T-Pain
  5. 110Two is Better Than OneBoys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift


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