3rd Person Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song 3rd Person as performed together by Tee Grizzley&Lil Durk

Lyrics to song 3rd Person by Tee Grizzley feat. Lil Durk

Tee Grizzley:
How you doin there
I just be lyin for all of dat shit I get dat shit all the time
Mufuckas just be talkin bro
You go hear dat shit tho
Especially when you poppin'

He a industry nigga (he a rat)
He ain't go fire no shots
That nigga be tourin and makin' millions
He ain't gon plot on the opps
He be with ?
Them nigga gon rob him watch
When he gon to sleep, and wake back up, he ain't gon find his watch (they gon get em)
I'm Tee Grizzley ugh
I tought him how to rap like that (I raised him)
I ain't fuck with him in prison (Fuck shit)
But he ain't gotta act like that (He changed)
I heard he can't go on the Eastside (? too)
I heard he ain't tourin' with his squad
I heard all that shit got squashed
I heard he got ? and ?
I'm Tee Grizzley cousin
I'm Tee Grizzley aunty
I'm fuck with em in three years
Ain't send him no letters or money
Ever since he came home (He changed)
That nigga be actin' like fuck me (He changed)
I know I ain't hold him down (He changed)
But he did the crime it wasn't me
I'm Tee Grizzley killa for bro I gon get on all niggas
They in the feeling cause he ain't fuckin' with em (Fuck em)
And they can't call the nigga (Call the nigga)
But he couldn't call them niggas (Long time)
He look out for all his niggas
Even after he fallout with em he tell em bro fuck all them niggas
For real nigga

Lil Durk (Tee Grizzley):
Aye look I can't even lye bro you know that shit bout me too you know (on God)
Aye this the typa shit come when you them niggas boy (on God)
Real fuckin' vultures you hear me (on God)

Lil Durk:
Why Durk be hangin' with Reese (He a snitch)
Heard Durk can't go on his block (Me too)
He be in all typa drama (On God)
I heard he got Vernie shot (Do do do)
How Durk BD for real (300)
He ain't shit like his pops (Big Durk)
He daddy a gangster for real (Gang)
He got a baby with thots (He trippin')
How the fuck you sound like that
He think he better than us
I think he fucked that opp bitch
She tried to set him up
He tryna rap like Meek
Why he sing like he Future
He should've signed with Keith
He prolly be like Future
I think Durk fell off
I could book him cheap
But that 2.5
And that tape with Tee
That shit gon bring him back
He might bond out 9
I think he left him hangin'
When he got rich or signed
Beef for real he got beef for real
Catch him lackin' that's a insta kill
Rob him shoot him till he dead now
Cause he flexin' on Instagram
His new bitch bad
I heard he fuck with dude
I said damn send it to Durk
Cause that's prolly the truth

Lil Durk (Tee Grizzley):
3rd person
Talkin' in 3rd person
3rd person
Talkin' in 3rd person
Please do not believe them rumours (On God)
Please don't worry bout them rumours (On God)
Please do not believe them rumours
Shawty do not believe the rumours
Cause you gon hear alotta rumours
You gon hear alotta rumours
You gon hear alotta rumours (On God)
You gon hear alotta rumours (On God)


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