Cloudy Minds Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Cloudy Minds as performed together by Texas In July&August Burns Red

Lyrics to song Cloudy Minds by Texas In July feat. August Burns Red

This is a battle
Step up, step up
Here’s to our luck of waking up alone and unassisted
It always seems like a dead-end when things speed up again
Contain me, then blame me for my thoughts
My so-called circle became nothing to me

Faded, everything is faded
Make amends with me
It’s all that you can do
Cloud minded about times not behind me
You were my only nemesis
I see it in perfect vision
Have you seen the imperfections at all?
You see me standing at the end of a one day.

Face first to the wall
End of a one way,
You could have had it all
In front me I see in perfect vision
It towers over me
That this is not the picture I once held in a past life,
An unconscious memory
Cloudy minded about time now behind me
You were my only nemesis
A bulky bag of bones has been placed on my shoulders


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