Cyclops Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Cyclops as performed by Texas In July

Lyrics to song Cyclops by Texas In July

You are lifeless,
and you can't see beyond,
your addiction,
that has you holding on,
to worthless courage,
you were the only one,
that I had faith in,
that I had faith in.
Trust was abandoned,
when you took me for granted.
I know that you're suffering,
although you know it's all your fault,
I tried so hard to rescue you,
but only you can save yourself.
There comes a time when we figure out,
What's right and wrong, you were mistaken.
One-eyed monster you're killing yourself,
you've lost everything and anything,
that you've come across.
Trust was abandoned,
when you took me for granted.
Slowly we sank to nothing together,
I never wanted to be in this place you put me in,
I will never get back,
the time I spent,
trying to make things right again.


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