Dying World Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Dying World as performed by Texas In July

Lyrics to song Dying World by Texas In July

Termination of sinless victims,
freedom is abused by man,
how many times must we tell ourselves,
to stand for what we created.
Yesterday is dead,
tomorrow doesn't matter,
we only have today,
just one day,
to pick up the pieces from where we left off again.
This is really happening,
the loss of life before my eyes,
I never in a long time thought
that I would see,
the decline,
of our society.
This is our final hour,
watch the time unfold,
as we wilt to nothing,
rest quiet my fellow, friends,
I'll see you in the end,
I can imagine it,
it is beautiful.
Beautiful, painful, grace,
it takes me to this place,
when everything was right side up,
what side will you fall on?


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