Seacrest out Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Seacrest out as performed by The Acacia Strain

Lyrics to song Seacrest out by The Acacia Strain

Beautiful day, you would hardly notice all the
disease. And we are all to become desperate, as
desperation is grounds for remorse. And suddenly
everything else bows down in comparison. When the
blast wave hit, the impact burned paint from the
walls onto their skin, inadvertently mixing new
hues of green and blue that would never bee seen
again. Human ash fell like snow as winter began
around the world. Clouds covered every inch of the
earth as the survivors came out of whatever holes
they found. And the sun ceased its shine.
Radiation couples with toxic fumes strangled
whatever was left alive. And now the real horror
begins. This is when they begin to think.

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