Dead Ocean Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Dead Ocean as performed by The Agonist

Lyrics to song Dead Ocean by The Agonist

An Ocean waves hello
Feathers decorate the air and sleeping giants approach.
An absolute nightmare – not having footing to flee.
Suspended animation, face to face with the majesty.
Grotesque interest drew you near but sorrow and awe keep you here.
The Ocean suicide.
Here come the leeches gathering around their host.
Hard to believe it, arterial seacost.
King of carcass, I’ll drown in is death.
Grotesque interest drew you near the towering monument.
Sorrow and awe keep and keep you here while the Ocean breaks.
Flesh weighs more than atmosphere – what’ keeping them afloat?

Still you stare, waiting for the shipwrecks and ghosts. The moon mocks you with a knowing grin. Or, is that the lure of a distant angler fish? Was your role fulfilled? Was that it? Are you face up or face down? Cardinal points are semantic, geometry is religion for mathematicians. The womb that birthed us keep us close Rebellious organs give up early, abandoning ship. The air feels hydrogen-heavy. Your elements are individualizing. Red algae pours across the panorama. Colored film fills your eyes, matching the bed expanding beneath you. With every once you lose, you forget you ever feared you’re physically free. One who survives mass suicide gather the masses to blindly follow. Intonations camouflage obvious idiocy. Approachable outside to welcome them in. Black holes set in spin. A resource more valuable than we expect, wrangled together to redirect. I’ve been around this place before, I recognize the heavy doors opening on the entrance way, molding a populace out of clay

Stuck in the earth, we’ll stay.


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