Humannequin Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Humannequin as performed by The Color Morale

Lyrics to song Humannequin by The Color Morale

And I will!
Be there when you get home
And I will be there when you become all you hate
All you hate when you become

You have to see the floor!
You have to see the floor before you!
You can see the angels are reaching!
Cross all the t's dot the i's this is your life!
The contract expires when you die!
You need to see the bottom of every barrel to know!
Maybe I was wrong to look in to all the eyes of all of my demons!
I would rather stare right back into the eyes of the devil!
To find my own face!

Being alone, being alone never felt so good cause I found you
Maybe time was wrong (time was wrong!)
Maybe time was wrong (time heals nothing!)
We can all be alone, all alone, all alone
We can all be alone but we will still have you

Maybe I'll become all that I hate!
Maybe I'll become, maybe I'll become all I hate
Maybe (I'll) become (you)
He will pull all of us out!


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