When One Was Desolate Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song When One Was Desolate as performed by The Color Morale

Lyrics to song When One Was Desolate by The Color Morale

Right back to the hell from which you came from!

Held back by the bloodline, somethings gone horribly wrong!
We feel as if we don't belong!
Why do I need the answers this moment?!

And so they came, held back by a moments grace
They only speak so they save their face, and then drift away
And the shadows know of the snakes!

The day will come when you'll want this!
But you'll be measured by what you take!

So where were you, the light to lead me to this hell and through
Don't lose faith, we'll find a way, the way back through
They only speak of their saving grace, and I see that my grace is you!

We're all the same!
Well this is me and this is you alone!
But all together, we're all the same!
You smile as you struggle like me!
Like these, like every wicked chosen decay that lies in me!
Just let it leave, just leave!
Just leave my body are we born among demons!

Send all your chosen plagues right back to the hell from which they came!
False belief dies today!
Separate my body and let me be!


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