Forgotten Ground Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Forgotten Ground as performed by The Levellers

Lyrics to song Forgotten Ground by The Levellers

Come onto me, it's easy
for a long life
Don't be denied forever
under the night
Come along
To be this free
Is what you want to

Breaking the line
forever under the sun
It will be done together
for each to be one
Come along
To be is easy
Taking the stars

Across the road at the
end of this place
It's not far and
anyone can go there
It's waste ground
There's no name on this place
But it always has and
always will be there

There's no fence, no
walls, no fools
Just the summer sun
And what you choose
But was it only yesterday
Tomorrow came
And handed you the tools
To burn it down
Your forgotten ground

The golden bough with a rope
Lies there for you to climb
Higher and higher
But by this rope you can hang
If you've forgotten why it was
You came there
And you burn it down
Your forgotten ground

When you are old and see this
Know this is cold
That when the sun rises
Tall shadows will hold
The ground you loved
To you is broken
Taken from you

And I carve my name
And then you wrote yours
The black smoke
Will rise up to cover the stars
Nothing said to be forever
Except for the night
That will come
When we burn you down

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