Population Control Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Population Control as performed by The Plot In You

Lyrics to song Population Control by The Plot In You

Verse 1:
I see them all, I watch them multiply
I found them feeding on the young and I know
They feel no shame for what they've done here
They slither and swallow
The prey that they take

Verse 2:
Every night it gets harder to get off
The pills and the games
They won't last you forever

Tell me what it's like to be a fucking waste
And to have respect from no one
You live to keep the problem in it's cycle
Yeah, you disgust me
Every single line planned out
And they fall hard
Just another roll in the hay
They won't remember your name

Verse 3:
Mistaken my words once again
Don't forget that I knew you
When this all began
You're on borrowed time
(You're on borrowed time)
You're on borrowed time
(Your days are numbered)

Verse 4:
What made you think
That this is yours to take?
You've been living a dream life
It's sickening
Drink, fuck, sleep, repeat
Does it ever get old?

This time I'll wait here
I'll set it off
Slit your fucking throat
Watch you bleed and then we'll burn you down

We are all fed up
I'm gonna shut you down
I will chew you up
And I'll spit you out
It's overdue
I'm the one that's gonna call you out

I'll call you out

Verse 5:
I am done dealing with fucks like you
Sticking your dick into anything that moves
You are a waste of flesh
I have no patience
No fucking remorse anymore

I will set this off again
Lay you out flat
Just like the girls you ruined
It's been a dream of mine
To make you suffer

Shortened break:
It's plain to see
The calm it brings
The wait is up
I'm listening
It's got you now
A victim of lost time
You're out of time

Explain to me the reasoning
The wait is up
I'm listening
It's got you now
A victim of lost time
You're out of time


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