The Wanted Lyrics

This lyrics archive contains a total of 47 song lyrics by artist The Wanted. 46 of these are songs where The Wanted perform alone, and 1 are songs where The Wanted perform together with other artists. See other artists related to The Wanted at the end of this lyrics archive.

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46 song lyrics with The Wanted alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1A Good Day for Love to DieThe Wanted
  2. 2All Time LowThe Wanted
  3. 3Behind BarsThe Wanted
  4. 4Chasing the sunThe Wanted
  5. 5Could This Be LoveThe Wanted
  6. 6DaggerThe Wanted
  7. 7DemonsThe Wanted
  8. 8Everybody KnowsThe Wanted
  9. 9Glad You CameThe Wanted
  10. 10Glow in the DarkThe Wanted
  11. 11Gold ForeverThe Wanted
  12. 12Gold Forever (Extended)The Wanted
  13. 13GoldenThe Wanted
  14. 14Heart VacancyThe Wanted
  15. 15Heartbreak StoryThe Wanted
  16. 16Hi & LowThe Wanted
  17. 17I Found YouThe Wanted
  18. 18I Want It AllThe Wanted
  19. 19I'll Be Your StrengthThe Wanted
  20. 20In the MiddleThe Wanted
  21. 21InvincibleThe Wanted
  22. 22KickstartsThe Wanted
  23. 23Last To KnowThe Wanted
  24. 24Let's Get UglyThe Wanted
  25. 25Lie To MeThe Wanted
  26. 26LightningThe Wanted
  27. 27Lose My MindThe Wanted
  28. 28Love SewnThe Wanted
  29. 29MadeThe Wanted
  30. 30Personal SoldierThe Wanted
  31. 31Read my MindThe Wanted
  32. 32Replace Your HeartThe Wanted
  33. 33Rock Your BodyThe Wanted
  34. 34RocketThe Wanted
  35. 35Running Out of ReasonsThe Wanted
  36. 36Say it on the RadioThe Wanted
  37. 37Show Me LoveThe Wanted
  38. 38Summer AliveThe Wanted
  39. 39The Way I FeelThe Wanted
  40. 40The WeekendThe Wanted
  41. 41Turn It OffThe Wanted
  42. 42Walks Like RihannaThe Wanted
  43. 43WarzoneThe Wanted
  44. 44We Own the NightThe Wanted
  45. 45WeaknessThe Wanted
  46. 46Where I BelongThe Wanted

1 song lyrics with The Wanted, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 47Have Some FunPitbull, The Wanted


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