Beauty Behind The Madness (2015) Lyrics Album

Discography of songs as they appear in Album Beauty Behind The Madness (2015). This is a collection of song lyrics where the following artists perform: The Weeknd (perform in 14 of these lyrics), Lana Del Rey (perform in 1 of these lyrics), Labrinth (perform in 1 of these lyrics), and one other. This archive of lyrics is maintained by Party 🎈 Cipant of Reality.

  1. Real Life
  2. Losers
  3. Tell Your Friends
  4. Often
  5. The Hills
  6. Acquainted
  7. Can't Feel My Face
  8. Shameless
  9. Earned It
  10. In The Night
  11. As You Are
  12. Dark Times
  13. Prisoner
  14. Angel